Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The crazy faith of Homomania

We have no beef with homos in the arts, sciences, professions, and etc. We understand that homos are born homos. And if they want to do the homo thing to be happy, that is okay by me. I always felt that way, and I never liked the religious right’s bashing of homos in the past.

But ‘gay marriage’?

No, homosexuality is not biologically nor morally of same value as real sexuality.

Today, thanks to globo-elite and homo pressure, you will be destroyed even if you PERSONALLY state what I stated above. Even if you bend over to ‘gay marriage’ legally, that’s not enough. You must ‘spiritually’ convert to the faith of homo worship. You must publicly wave the ‘gay rainbow’ banner and tell the world that you believe homosexuality is, in every way, the biological and moral equivalent of real sexuality.

We are NO LONGER talking about letting homos be homos. We are talking about a world where the very premise and rules of marriage have been degraded simply to appease homos who are protected by the globo-elites.
Homos are acting like the Jewish elites. Rick Sanchez didn’t badmouth Jews. He said they are prominent in the media and hardly victims in today’s America. THAT was enough for him to be blacklisted.
Today, you will be destroyed by law, media, and brainwashed mass pressure by simply saying homosexuality is sexually perverted EVEN IF you support ‘gay marriage’.

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