Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is the West really ruled by Liberal Democracy... or by the Fascist-Democracy of Zionist-Globalists?

It's been said Liberal Democracy has ruled the West.

If so, why does US take orders from Israel, a fascist-democracy?

Israel is democratic ethno-state. American Jews support Israel via AIPAC & Zionist-controlled media that favors Shabbos Goyim shills like Bush family, John McCain, Hillary, and etc.

Oddly enough, a 'liberal Democracy' takes orders from a fascist-democracy. Americans are ruled by ethnocentric Jews. In principle, the US may be a 'liberal democracy' but, in practice, takes orders from ethno-conscious rule of Jewish racialists.

If US, as a liberal democracy, takes orders from Jews & Israel who are committed to ethno-democracy, then fascism(that of Jews who are nationalist in Israel and globalist in goy nations) must be the most powerful force in the world. After all, the most powerful 'liberal democracy' submits to the will of a 'fascist-democracy'. If fascist-democratic Israel dictates orders to liberal-democratic US, then it means Jewish fascism is the reigning champion of World Power.

If liberal democracy is indeed dominant(as Western pundits always remind us), then Liberal Jews should insist on Israel dumping its fascist-democracy and becoming like the cucked EU. But the US as a 'liberal democracy' obeys Israel as a 'fascist-democracy', and Jews everywhere(US, UK, France, etc) want to keep it that way.

A fascist-democracy has elections & rule of law, but its core constitution is explicitly & thematically rooted in identity-heritage-territory. Israel is such a nation. A racial-cultural-national democracy.

Israel is a fascist-democracy like Turkey. US Jews push liberal democracy on whites but embrace ethno-democracy for themselves.

If US Jews are truly committed to the ideal of liberal democracy, they should apply the same pressure on Israel that they do on Poland and Hungary. But there is no Jewish pressure on Israel to accept refugees(or to give back Golan Heights back to Syria). Jewish 'liberals' pressure the smallest European nation to abandon its racial-national-territorial integrity and open up its legs to take in tons of Muslim and African invaders. But Jews, even 'liberal' ones in the West, fully support Israel's 'right to exist' as a racial-cultural-historical-territorial entity. When white gentile nations practice what Israel does, the Jewish-run press condemns them as 'fascist' and 'far right'. But when Jews do it, Jews expect(and demand) every US congressmen to pledge even more aid to Israel and uphold Israel's right to exist as a 'Jewish State'.

Well, by rules of logical consistency, if a certain policy is 'fascist' in Hungary or Poland, it must be 'fascist' in Israel as well. (Of course, Jews control the media and academia, thereby the Narrative and Political Logic. If Jews do what others do, it never reflects badly on Jews even if others are condemned for doing it. If Jews were to exterminate Palestinians like Nazis did with Jews, it would not be called a 'holocaust' by current Political Logic since Jews are judged differently from rest of mankind. Jews are above conventional morality. Also, if others were to do what Jews do, they could well be condemned for their 'extreme' and 'far right' tendencies. Israeli Jews can be nationalist, but if any white nation emulates such outlook, they will be condemned while, perversely enough, simultaneously being pressured to praise Israel's like-minded policy. Gentiles must say, "We condemn our own identity, territory, & history" while admiring Jews for upholding their identity, territory, & history. What a crazy world. It's the pretzel logic of Jews.)

Anyway, since American Jews and Israeli Jews are agreed on the need for Jewish identity, Jewish consciousness, and Jewish nationhood, they must be fascists. Since they rule America and the West, gentiles are not living under liberal democracy but under Jewish fascist democracy(because American liberal-democracy must defer to Jewish fascist-democracy).
Now, Jewish fascist-democracy is fine as long as Jews practice it for themselves in their own nation. But it is wrong, even evil, when Jews practice fascism over non-Jews. Each nation should have a fascist-democracy of its own. Hungary for Hungarians, Poland for Poles, just like Israel for Jews. But Jews not only want domination in Israel but in gentile nations. Jews know that fascist-democracy is a great formula for national unity, and so, they love it for Jewish Power and Israel. But they hate it for gentile nations because it implies Polish unity against Jewish control or Hungarian unity against the venal likes of George Soros. So, Jews push 'liberal democracy' on goyim while maintaining fascist-democracy for themselves.

Jewish War on Russia isn't about liberalism vs autocracy. It is Jewish ethno-centrism vs Russia nationalism. Jews are seething with hateful venom because Putin partly reversed what was done to Russia in the 90s: Jews raped & plundered the country and turned it into their whore. But Putin came along and wrested back some of the plunder and political control, and Jewish finance-imperialists hate him for that.

Jews fear that what Putin did for Russia may spread to other white nations. This is why Jews hate Trump. Even though Trump, like Putin, isn't anti-Jewish, his themes of Americanism vs globalism infuriates Jews since Jews use anti-nationalist globalism to weaken every gentile nation. (Of course, Jews support fascism and nationalism in Israel. Jews also subvert and empty Syria -- via refugee crisis -- to make room for Palestinians yet to be expelled from West Bank that shall ultimately be claimed entirely by Jews. Because nationalism and fascism are particularist, they are fine as long as they are confined within national borders. The problem is when it violates other national borders. Mixing particularism and universalism is like mixing oil and water. So-called globalist-liberal-democracy creates chaos and evil because its universalism is perverted by a particularist tribe that controls and manipulates the New World Order. So-called universal globalist-imperialism is really defined and controlled by particularist-fascist-Zionists who reserve a separate set of rules for themselves. Tragically, Jewish nationalist-fascism of Zionism is violating other borders. Jews control the US and use American money and military might to smash all Arab/Muslim nations hated by Israel. But Jews are so sneaky. Even though their wars have created the refugee crisis, they pretend to be 'humanitarians' by aiding the refugees get to the West.)

White Nationalists have most problem with globalist Jews, but their political ideal is closest to Israel, a fascist-ethno-democracy beloved by Jews.

Jews have hard fascist-democracy for themselves but push flaccid liberal-democracy on whites. Whites want fascist-democracy too in their own homelands.

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