Thursday, October 13, 2016


White Folks must resist Palestinianization. Just as Jewish Imperialists carried out Palestinian Genocide, they are now working on White Genocide. Jewish globo-imperialists attempted White Genocide in Russia in the 1990s, and millions of Russians died while Jews grabbed all the loot. Putin took back some of the loot, and that is why Jews hate him. Jewish globalists see the world as their oyster and want to have it all. We are cattle that exist to serve them.

White people must not be Palestinianized. Consider the plight of Palestinians. A defeated, exiled, and occupied people. But no one cares about them because Jewish elites control the media and narrative. Through AIPAC, Jewish elites have turned all US politicians into vile supporters of Palestinian Genocide.
We know Jewish elites have the same plan for the white gentile race as a whole.

Jewish Globo-Imperialists use Western power to destroy the Middle East, and then they pressure white nations to take in all the refugees uprooted by Wars for Israel(while Israel waits to pounce on and grab emptied Arab territories). Jewish globalists pretend to be humanitarians, but they are the power behind the Wars in the Middle East. And they are the ones who are pressuring white nations to take in endless numbers of Muslim refugees and African migrants.

And in order to weaken white resistance to their grand plan, Jewish perverts have promoted homomania and tranny agenda. That way, white males will be raised to be girly pansies or eunuchs without the virile will to fight for their land, defend their women, and control their own destiny. While Jewish globalists promote black masculinity in rap and sports, they promote wussy cuckold behavior among white boys. If Jewish elites can help it, every white womb will carry a black baby while castrated white boys cheer on their own sexual defeat.

This is the Palestinianization of the white race.

The white race owes a great apology to the Palestinians. Even though Palestinians never did any wrong to the West, white people aided Jewish Zionists in the utter destruction of Palestine: The Palestinian Genocide.
And this was especially egregious since Palestinians were forced to pay the price for the crimes of Nazi Germany. Germans carried out the Holocaust, but for some reason, Palestinians had to carry the moral burden; they were made the scapegoat.
Zionists destroyed Palestine, and the white West gave full blessing to the destruction of an innocent people.

It is time for white people to apologize for having aided and abetted the Palestinian Genocide. Currently, since what was done to Palestinians is being done to the West, white people need to join with Palestinians to resist and fight the common foe: Jewish Globalists.

It is time to denounce Palestinian Genocide and White Genocide, both spearheaded by Zionist-Globalists or the Zio-Glob.


For too long, white people believed that powerful and rich Jews would gratefully reciprocate if white people supported the Jewish-Zionist destruction of Palestinians and the Middle East.
But we now know that Jewish globalists have zero feeling for anyone but their own kind.
They feel no conscience about the destruction of Palestine.
They feel no gratitude to whites for having aided the Zionist project.
Jews only seek to further destroy the Middle East so that Muslims will be expelled to the West while Israelis get ready to grab huge swaths of Syria and Iraq.
And Jewish globalists use the Tide of Color in the West to undermine white power and bring about White Genocide.

Say NO to Palestinianization.

It is time for white folks to realize that they'd sided with the wrong people all along.
When the Zionists were hatching a plan to destroy Palestine, white folks should have stood with Palestinians against Jewish imperialists. But instead, white folks helped the Jewish imperialists destroy Palestine and laughed at the plight of Palestinians.

But now, white folks are realizing that Jews intend to palestinianize the white race as well. Jews are plotting White Genocide and carrying it out in EU and US. They use shabbos goyim like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton. Say NO to Palestinianization.


Jews hate Russia because Russians said NO to the palestinianization of the Russian people. White folks in the West must wake up and save themselves the same way.

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