Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Death of both Right and Left. There is only Jewish Globalist Oligarchic Supremacism Left in the guise of 'diversity' and 'inclusion'.

Mainstream right is dead, with gutless ‘conservatives’ caving into and bending over for ‘gay marriage’. Any conservatism that does that is NOT conservative. It’s prostitution to rich globo-elites.

But the left is dead too. What kind of ‘leftism’ is it where the agendas are set forth by Wall Street and Silicon Valley elites? The elites love the homo agenda since it’s not about economics and class warfare. If anything, homo narcissism aids and abets the greed and narcissism of the globo-elite rich.
The left used to have a humanist element. It’s been replaced by the fancy-pants homonist lunacy.

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