Thursday, October 20, 2016

So-called 'Progressives' and 'Liberals' Really Hate Trump because he has exposed their addiction to greed, narcissism, and privilege.

Democrats portray Trump as some extreme right-wing bigot but really feel threatened by the impression that Trump is for the Common Man left behind by the globalist system that favors the globalist urban gentry. Progs want to believe that they are for the little guy, but their candidate is a globalist shill who serves the likes of Wall Street and Warfare State. Hillary pretends to care about 'refugees', but they exist only because of Zionist-led wars in the Middle East that destroyed entire nations and displaced millions of people. Prog urban gentry soar in wealth and privilege over the little guys, but through the mass importation of littler guys(immigrants), they excoriate the little guys who oppose their own demographic displacement as 'racist' while flattering themselves as compassionate champions of the 'huddled masses' as the salt of the earth. Of course, the 'New Americans',as scab labor, fatten the wallets of the elite urban class.

Trump, in appealing to those who'd been left behind, has merged nationalism with populism.It's been a potent message to American Workers reduced to the penury status of interchangeable commodities in the globo-marketplace. Such conditions were what they Left used to bemoan, but it is now behind Hillary the corporate shill. How embarrassing it must be for Progs to be outed as utterly hollow and phony by, of all people, crass Trump and 'rednecks'.

Progs really hate Trump because he has co-opted key 'leftist' issues. The fact that he of all people has taken them up and won the backing of the American Working Class has exposed the Liberal Class as clinging to their privilege at all cost. And through the power of the Jewish-run media, they maintain the illusion that they are 'radicals' opposed to Hate. Of course, they conveniently turn a blind eye to all the lives destroyed by Obama & Hillary's wars in the Middle East and Ukraine. Or Hillary's coup in Honduras. In the end, it all comes down to power and privilege. And the narcissistic conceit that one is 'more evolved' because one buys coffee at Starbucks.

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