Monday, October 31, 2016

A Compromise on Affirmative Action?

Couldn't we arrive at some kind of compromise? Gentile whites give up some of their precious jobs to blacks & non-white Hispanics ON CONDITION that Jews give up some of their even more precious jobs to non-Jewish whites? After all, Jews are far more outrageously over-represented in prestigious professions than any other group is. Jews make up 2% of the overall population but make up like 40% of Ivy League professors. What percentage of lawyers at top firms are Jewish? What percentage of top operators in the financial industry is Jewish? What percentage of doctors are Jewish, especially those in the most prestigious and high paying fields in medicine? A very high percentage.
Talk about disparate impact!

How is it that Jews, who make up 2% of population, can enjoy so much power and privilege?
I suppose Jews could argue that the are included as whites, but if Hispanics--many of whom are white–-can be categorized separately, why shouldn't the same rule apply to Jews? Many Hispanics in America are actually more white than Jews are. Look at Cuban Americans or Hispanics from places like Argentina or Chile. In contrast, many Jews still have that distinctly Middle Eastern look. So fair is fair. White gentiles give up some of their 'privilege' to blacks and Hispanics(at least non-white ones), AND Jews give up some of their positions to gentile whites.

Maybe we should even have a law that says a group cannot be represented in professions more than double their overall representation. Since Jews are 2% of the population, there should be no more than 4% of Jews in any profession, especially in a prestigious profession.

Besides, why should Jews care? They are always lecturing to us about those noble poor workers. Since being a poor worker is so noble, I say Jews should take those noble jobs than rake in so much money as lawyers, professors, doctors, computer designers, etc.

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