Wednesday, September 21, 2016

All Immigration is race-ist

Immigration is racist.

Look at the immigration patterns.

Jews bitch about ‘white racism’, but Jewish immigration patterns have always favored white nations.

After all, Latin America and Anglo-America were both open for immigration, but Jews chose the whiter America over mixed-race Latin America.

And Jews almost never decided to move to black Africa. If anything, the favorite African destination for Jewish immigration was white-ruled South Africa where Jews made lots of money in diamonds. Jews chose South Africa because whites ruled it and maintained the law-and-order necessary for Jews to do business.

Look at Asians. Most Asian-Americans are progs who bitch and whine all the time about n
white racism'(as yellows are toadies who follow prevailing officialdom, which now happens to be PC), but their immigration preference has been for white-majority nations. Almost all Asians would rather move to America, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada(or Europe) than to highly diverse Latin America. And they certainly don’t want to emigrate permanently to Africa or Middle East. Some go there to work(like Chinese laborers), but they don’t want to settle in those parts. Also, even Asian women who bitch about white evil racially prefer white husbands.

So, immigration is racist. Mexicans want to move El Norte to where the Anglos are. They don’t want to move El South to where people are even less white than Mexicans are.

And look at Muslim and Black African immigration into Europe. Their decisions are 'white supremacist' in the sense that they think white nations are superior destinations over non-white ones. We don’t see Muslims move to black African nations. We don’t see black Africans wanting to move to Mexico or India.

And even when it comes to western nations, non-white emigrants/migrants/refugees prefer northern pale-white nations to southern-swarthy-white nations. They’d rather move to Germany or Sweden than be stuck in Greece or Italy.

Anglos are just about the only people who were willing to move to lands with nothing and build something on it. They turned wilderness into civilization.

All other peoples have no such will and vision. They want to go to where civilization has already been built and feed off it. They want to feed off whites even as they bitch about ‘racism’ even though their immigration preference itself is racist in seeking white nations over non-white ones.

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