Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Even 'leftist' American regimes prefer 'right-wing' foreign regimes

It’s funny.

Even when the US government is ‘left-wing’, it prefers to deal with ‘right-wing’ regimes in other nations because ‘right-wing’ often means pro-American.

US is chummy with right-wing Saudis. With right-wing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. With right-wing regimes of Japan and South Korea. With ‘conservative’ Merkel government. Sarkozy the ‘right-wing’ Frenchman is pro-American. And US, even under ‘left-wing’ Obama, is closer to right-wing opponents of ‘left-wing’ regimes in Brazil and Venezuela. And Hillary the ‘leftist’ worked to overthrow the ‘left-wing’ regime of Ecuador.

Why would ‘left-wing’ Obama and Hillary favor ‘right-wing’ regimes against ‘left-wing’ ones?
Because ‘right-wing’ regimes, as legacy of Cold War, happen to be knee-jerk pro-American?
When leftist communism/Russia and their proxies were the big enemy of the American Empire, the US,even under Liberal regimes, supported just about any right-wing regime around the world. Thus, it's not too much of a stretch to say that right-wing regime = American puppet.

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