Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sacrificing Your Nation to SAVE THE WORLD is a double-loser.

Angela Merkel and other virtue-signaling Westerners(especially in Sweden) seem hellbent on sacrificing their own nations to Save the World.

A losing game. The result will not be a world saved. Much of the Third World will remain poor, corrupt, and rotten as usual. The only difference will be a Fallen West along with the Awful Rest.

The idea of sacrifice is to gain something by losing something. Western do-gooders hope and dream that the sacrifice of the West will lead to the betterment of the Rest.
In truth, it will be a useless sacrifice since Western do-good-ism cannot fix the problems of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

There are few things worse than a wasted sacrifice where so many peoples and resources have been expended for no gain. It's like sending soldiers into a battle that cannot be won. Not only foolhardy but criminal.

Both Adolf Hitler and Angela Merkel can be said to be victims of hubris. Hitler was supremely confident that his invincible war machine would never fail. His was a militaristic hubris.
Merkel thinks her role as Mother Merkel will save the world. But moral hubris is still hubris.

Whether one tries to conquer the world or save the world, hubris leads to vast exaggeration of one's ability. Merkel may see herself as a moralist, but she is really a moral bigot, moral narcissist, and moral supremacist who thinks herself better other people, especially Germans who refuse to support her insane policy.

Her moral pretensions are especially appalling because she lacks the moral courage to speak the truth on the origins of the 'refugee' crisis, namely that Jewish-controlled American foreign policy led to devastation of war & terror in the Middle East and North Africa that un-moored so many peoples from their homelands.
German silence about Jewish Power and the German support for Zionist oppression of Palestinians are often justified on grounds of history -- Germans must make up for the Holocaust -- , but paradoxically, such twisted moralism only aids and abets more immorality. It's one thing for Germans to remember the horrible past(and make amends to the Jewish survivors) but quite another to support Jewish evil in the name of atonement. If you've done wrong to someone, would you be redeemed by aiding your former victim to make victims of others? German morality is as follows: "Since Germans did terrible things as Nazis, Reformed Germans must help Jews to act like Nazis." If you robbed someone and seek atone for your crime, is it moral if you help your former victim to rob others? Such, however, is the current moral logic between Germans and Jews.

At any rate, ambition needs to be tempered by humility. Whether the ambition involves the military or morality, it needs reminding of its limits. Over-confident Germans in WWII were rudely interrupted by reality when their machine ground to a halt in Russia. They soon realized the foolishness of trying to conquer the world. The world came to conquer them instead.

And now with the massive 'refugee' crisis, Germans are discovering they cannot save the world. The world cannot be saved by the German Passion Play as the Christ of nations sacrificing itself for the betterment of the world.

Has Germany's grandiose role as savior made things any better in the Middle East or Africa? No, things are still falling apart in many parts of the world because Jewish-American foreign policy insists on wars to destroy any nation vilified by Israel.
And black Africa will continue to be a cesspool of dysfunction, horror, and violence because blacks are naturally more aggressive, less intelligent, and more animal-like. (Sure, progs will denounce such view as 'racist' and 'hateful', but despite what they SAY, look at what they DO: They use gentrification, stop-and-frisk, and mass incarceration of blacks -- begun under Bill Clinton -- to maintain a safe distance from black thuggery and crime. Progs are the biggest hypocrites in the world whose bitchy virtue-signaling and vilification of others are just smoke-and-mirrors to mask their own do-racism.)

Sacrificing one's own nation to save the world is, in and of itself, a bad idea since the main priority of every race, culture, and nation must be self-preservation.
However, current events in the West are proving even worse than that.
After all, if the world is indeed 'saved' by the sacrifice of a nation, there would be some kind of trade-off at least. If Germany were to sacrifice itself and if the world would become a nicer, more just, and more peaceful place, its sacrifice would not have been in vain(even if it would have been sad and tragic for Germany).

But what would be the point of sacrifice if the world remains mired with all the same problems? It'be like spending the entirety of one's wealth to save a patient who cannot be saved. In the end, not only is the patient dead but all your fortune is lost as well.

If anything, the sacrifice of the West only makes the world worse by encouraging the Rest to migrate to the West than fixing their own problems at home. Encouraging countless Third Worlders to act as moochers and leeches is NOT Saving-the-World. It is global corruption by a perverted parody of morality.
Furthermore, Western 'humanitarianism' is often cynically employed to mask Western neo-imperialism in many parts of the world. Jewish-Globalists use Western Power to wage more Wars for Israel, but lest such aggression tarnish the the West's good name, Jews urge the 'humanitarian' West to take in 'refugee' from the very parts of the world most affected by (((Western))) policies of intervention and war.

Also, if virtue-signaling whites really want to try saving the world, they need to do it on their own instead of dragging along the rest of their countrymen(with different ideas and priorities). If white Progs in the West really want to 'do good' for the non-white poor around the world, I suggest they cash in all their wealth, move to Africa(or some other poor nation), and share their goodies with others. If that's what they want to do, they should do it and leave their countrymen alone. People who claim to be goody-goody need to act goody-goody on their own instead of forcing it on others who don't share their worldview.

But these progs don't play it that way. They hold onto their own wealth & privilege and virtue-signal by 'inviting' Third World hordes into their nations whereupon the people most negatively impacted by the crisis turn out to be ordinary citizens. Meanwhile the virtue-signaling elites remain safely ensconced in their own fancy domains. They socialize virtue and privatize privilege. They verbalize virtue for themselves and hog all the credit while actualizing the burden of their decisions onto ordinary citizens without means to remain above the fray of crises spreading all around. In any flood, those on high ground remain dry while those in the bottom get wet and even drown. People like George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Angela Merkel will always remain on high & dry ground even when the floods they've unleashed harms those below.

The globalist elites constitute a neo-aristocracy perfumed in moral vanity without ever having to bear the consequences of their save-the-world dam-busting that only disrupt and destroy the lives of ordinary natives whose only wish is to have a homeland of history, culture, and blood.

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