Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fate of Anglos in the Zio-Globalist World Order

What of the Anglos in the globalist world order? What role will they play?

And why did they lose out in the lands of their own creation?

Maybe their very advantage carried within it a seed of destruction.

The huge advantage of Anglos was the culture of principle, honor, and rule of law.

But for those to work properly, a community has to be de-culture-ized. Rule of law must apply to all individuals. Principle means one has to favor stuff like meritocracy over one’s own kind. And honor means one must maintain dignity.
Among Anglos themselves, these were good things to have; they led to social reform and better governance. Nevertheless, those factors de-emphasized culture, kinship, and heritage since laws must be fair and neutral to all.

So, over time, Anglos lost their blood-and-guts identity.

And when their nations were filled up with non-whites and Jews, Anglos didn’t have the red blooded cultural tribal sense to fight and keep the power. Their culture, if such continued, became one of golf club privilege and high-toned airs of Bill Buckley.
And if white people did express themselves with blood and guts passion, their enemies could invoke the very Anglo book of fairness and point out how ‘racist’ the Anglos were acting.

So, Rule of Law and Neutral Justice are good things… but the danger is they turn people into bland individuals who are de-cultured and favor principles over blood and homeland. When such anemic people come in contact with red-blooded folks, they lack the balls to fight and survive.

Jews learned the art/science of rule of law, but they never gave up on blood and guts cultural sense… and they esp clung to it after the problems of communism, Nazism, and Zionism.

Communism taught socialist Jews that just being ‘workers of the world’ was dull and meaningless. While social justice is good, man needs culture, history, and heritage.
So, Jews found more satisfaction in Zionism that bound socialism with Jewish identity and culture.
In some ways, Germans did same with National Socialism that bound Germanism with socialism. If Nazis had kept it national devoid of contemptuous chauvinism, it might have succeeded like Zionism. But Hitler was a racial chauvinist and imperialist. (Perhaps, the undoing of Zionism in the long run is its imperialism. Occupation of West Bank is turning out to be costly. And Zio-con messing of the Middle East may lead to some unforeseen consequences for Jews. You reap what you sow.)

Anyway, rule of law and idea of justice are good and necessary, but they must be used as mere tools. They are weak as core culture and identity of a people.

A Jew who feels as Jew-and-Zionist has meaning. But a Jew who rejects his identity and says, “I’m just for individual liberty and rule of law” has weak meaning.

Tools are good and necessary but must not be mistaken with the flesh-and-blood-people they are meant to serve.

After all, each person matters more as a blood-and-flesh product of family than any ideology he adopts.
If ideology or ideas count the most in determining identity, then it means you are NOTHING unless you believe in something. What you believe would count more than your very existence.

So, if you believe libertarianism is what counts most, a person who is not libertarian is not human and has no value. But in fact, a person’s worth remains intact regardless of what he believes.
A Jew is no less a Jew for abandoning communism and adopting capitalism. He is still a Jew. His core identity is more than any ideology. This is why a Jew must put Jewishness and Zionism first before any ideology. He may adopt parts of various ideologies to serve his Jewish interest. But the thing is to have the ideology to serve him and his people than to have him and his people serve an ideology as the end-all of truth.

Tools exist to serve humans, humans don’t exist to serve tools.
Even Marx made this point. Economics must serve man. But capitalism too often makes us believe we exist to serve the economy.

Economy must serve man and his nation.

Globalism says ALL MEN must serve the economy of globalists.
In the end, it means we all must serve the economy of Wall Street and Las Vegas.

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