Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blacks and the Impact of Immigration

Blacks are bad workers.

In a way, the demise of the GOP may not be a bad thing for whites, at least many whites who are not of the working class. If Democrats totally win and push massive immigration, it will mean more yellow/brown buffer between whites and blacks.

Blacks are the biggest headache in the US.

If we have more immigration, it will drown out blacks. Already, Hispanics are the #1 minority and will grow even bigger. And with people from India and China, there will be a bigger Asian presence. So, blacks will be flooded with non-black immigrants.

To the extent that whites can use browns and Asians as buffers between themselves and blacks, more diversity is good for whites. But it’s bad for whites of lower IQ or values who are left behind.

In a way, we also see non-blacks appropriating black symbolism. Civil Rights Movement was mostly about black struggle for equality. But MLK has become sort-of-generic, and now every group ‘appropriates’ the symbolism to push their own cause.
It’s like the homo/tranny movement invokes MLK and Civil Rights Movement to justify ‘gay pride parades’ and men-in-dress using women’s washrooms. This has made a parody of the Civil Rights Movement because we are supposed to believe that a bunch of sexual deviants having mock-orgies on the street is of equal moral importance as blacks braving bricks and bottles to march equality under the law.

So, while non-whites defer to black symbolism and the holiness of MLK, that symbolism is often used to push interests that may hurt blacks.
For instance, more illegal immigration from Latin America means less power for blacks. But these illegals often march by invoking the Civil Rights Movement.

Civil Rights Movement asked for something special for blacks. MLK’s “I have a dream” speech was specifically about what white America owes to black America. But before this ‘dream’ was delivered, US got flooded by so many immigrants, and the children of these immigrants call for more immigration rights by invoking the Civil Rights Movement. But immigrant rights and more diversity means less for blacks.
On the other hand, if there is to be reparations for blacks, much of the burden will have to be paid by immigrants whose ancestors had nothing to do with slavery. Also,immigrants often work hard and provide the taxes to pay for blacks in government and/or welfare.

Surreal how things work in Diverica.

PS. As for voter suppression and corruption, Democrats are the masters. But they were silent because it was used against Conservatives. But now that Sanders voters are discovering how Hillary’s gang has used it against them, they are angry as hell.

The fact that Trump overcame the opposition more easily than Sanders did with Clinton goes to show that there is more honesty on the GOP side, even if not much. Neocons did everything to derail Trump but it didn’t work.
But it was much easier for Hillary’s gang to derail Sanders with all sorts of dirty tricks.

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