Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nothing is more Important than the War for the Wombs

It all comes down to Womb Wars, or World War Womb. WWW.

In the end, it's not ideas, memes, or conferences that created you.

You exist ONLY BECAUSE your white mother used her white womb as garden for your father's seed.

If your mother had decided to go black, YOU would have been 'killed' because her womb-nest would have been cucked out for a Negro baby.

Modernity believes in woman's reproductive rights. Good idea.
But what if more and more white women 'go black' and freely choose Negro men as superior mates while closing their white wombs to white seeds?
It is the death of the white race and totally demoralizing to white male pride.

It's happening all over America and will accelerate with Section 8 policies that send black males to every high school in every suburb and small town. Black males will win in sports and hump so many white girls weaned on jungle fever promoted by PC and pop culture.
Jews want this to happen. They want to see white males pussified and beaten by black studs. It's because Jews fear the reawakening of white male pride and unity.

Survival is about the war of wombs. Blacks pose the greatest threat to the white race because of Jungle Fever.

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