Sunday, September 25, 2016

What is the American ideal?

What is the American Ideal?

It was radically altered since America became a Jewish-centric “Nation of Immigrants”.

Remaking the US into a ‘nation of immigrants’ sent American Indians and Blacks to the back of the bus, especially as Homomania is the new globo-religion of America.

Before the US was a ‘nation of immigrants’, it was a nation of native red savages, white conquerors and settlers, and black slaves. Though whites ruled, white narrative was inseparable from the Native American or Indian narrative and the black narrative.

After all, whites conquered Indian lands, and whites brought over black slaves.

So, the conqueror-settler narrative was closely linked with the Indian and Black narratives.

But as America went into ‘nation of immigrant’ narrative — especially involving immigrants who arrived after America was conquered and Civil War was distant memory — , the American Narrative became less and less linked with the Indians and even blacks.

Black Narrative is still strong but has been twisted to favor Diversity than Black Interest. MLK is elevated increasingly as champion of diversity and ‘inclusion’ than of justice for Negroes. When MLK was marching around in 60s, he was all about justice for Negroes who’d been denied full rights.

But MLK is now supposed to be the champion of ALL minorities, and that means tons of immigrants, even millions of illegals. MLK and Emma Lazarus might as well be the same people.

MLK-ism and American Indian narrative are morally compelling because whites did take the land from Indians and because whites did bring over black slaves and exploited them.

In contrast, as nice as Emma Lazarus poem may read, it has no moral justification whatsoever. If white Americans did wrong to Indians and blacks, what do they owe to the rest of the world? If there is huddled wretchedness around the world, it’s not America’s fault or the white man's burden. White Americans owe something only to those whom they wronged. White Americans didn’t create the conditions in Russian Jewish ghettos or poor villages in China and India. America never owed anything to Jewish Europeans or Chinese or Indians or Arabs or Africans(who were not brought over as slaves).

MLK-ism used to mean ‘something for blacks’. Now, with MLK as a hero to ALL minorities, he stands as a brotha to Emma Lazarus.

What blacks fail to understand is that the demise of the white conqueror/settler narrative also means the demise of the black narrative. The Immigrant Narrative isn’t linked with the Black Narrative. Late-coming Immigrants didn’t enslave blacks and owe nothing to them. So, as America becomes more Diverse, blacks matter less.

Also, the Nation of Immigrants concept totally trashed the American Indian Narrative.

The Conqueror/Settler Narrative puts Indians at the moral center. It says, “yes, white man did great things in America, but it came at tragic expense of Indians who lost their ancestral lands.” The Conqueror narratives means America was conquered and taken from a certain people. Who were they? Indians.

But since Immigrants came after America was already settled, they feel no special historical bond to the Indians.

The Nation of Immigrants Narrative pisses on nativism. It says all nations(except Israel for some reason) should be open to massive immigration, and any nativist who opposes this is evil.

But that also implies that American Indians were wrong to resist the White Conquest of America. After all, the Red Man was a nativist who fought to keep the land of his forefathers. He wasn't being 'inclusive' of white settlers.

The globalist concept of ‘nation of immigrants’ pisses on nativism all over the world, and this is the new imperialism. After all, the great anti-imperialist struggles of the 20th century were all nativist. Native indigenous peoples were telling white European colonizers to go back home. The Vietnam War was also nativist as it was against the US occupation of South Vietnam and the resulting diversity of US soldiers using women as whores.

The Nation of Immigrants Narrative not only does violence to White Americans but to American Indians and Negroes. Whereas the white conqueror/settler narrative does pay special tribute to Indians and Negroes, the Nation of Immigrants Narrative does not.

“America is a nation of conquerors/settlers” narrative is linked with “America is a nation of the conquered Indian tribes” narrative and “America is a nation of enslaved blacks” narrative. This narrative says Americans owe something to Indians and blacks.

But "America as Nation of Immigrants" morally prioritizes foreigners(as potential immigrants) whom Americans never did any wrong. Also, if indeed America is a Nation of Immigrants, it must keep taking in more and more immigrants in order to be ‘American’. Using that logic, America is no longer American if it stops taking in immigrants.
It's as if America’s main moral obligation is to the world than its history.

65 killed 64. The 1965 Immigration Act undid the promises of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It turned White America away from the needs of Indians and blacks(whom white Americans had done wrong to) to the needs of a world of foreigners(whom white Americans hadn’t done wrong to). But since Jews gained power as relative late-immigrant arrivals, it was in their interest to put Immigrants above Indian natives, white settlers, and black slaves.
Indeed, now MLK has been transformed from a black leader to leader of Diversity is amusing indeed. But King’s message was not, “white folks should favor the interests of masses of foreign immigrants pouring into America over that of Negroes.” People like MLK who supported the Immigration Act probably thought non-whites would side with blacks against whites. But as it turned out, non-stop immigration turned blacks from the biggest minority(by far) to the second minority behind Hispanics. And if we take Hispanics, Asians, and Muslims together, blacks are becoming less and less significant. But then, white/Jewish/homo Liberals really love this since there is nothing they fear more than strong, aggressive, and hostile black thugs who nearly destroyed cities like NY and Chicago in the 70s.

But if Liberal elites honestly admitted why they love immigration(as buffer between themselves and blacks), there will be much anger. So, even as they push for more immigration, they say all the nice palliative things that keep Negroes believing that they is #1 in the hearts of Liberal America. So, even as NY increases Diversity to drown out blacks, the pages of NYT pay special tribute to a moron like Tahenisi Coates the ‘genius’.

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