Friday, September 23, 2016

Spread of Black Seed and the Demise of White Libertarian Lone Wolf

How the West may die:

Black males are most likely to father children but least likely to play the role of father. They spread the seed but do not feed their kids.
With every new generation, there will be more mulatto kids born. Black men will not only hump black women but white women. Their seed will spread and spread... while more demoralized white men will die of drug overdose or suicide.
Look how black football and basketball players get tons of white women pregnant. Not just wives but groupies and girlfriends.
By nature, women want to take seed of winner-men.
As two obsessions of America are sports and rap music(and porn), white girls are jungle-feverish.

Alt Right is most necessary, but it doesn't excite and attract women because Alt Right has nothing to offer in sports and music. Alt Right seems a bundle of insecurities.
But this is a good thing in the long run because real strength and power must be built from honest assessment of insecurities, inadequacies, and weakness.
For example, a lone wolf is no match for a moose, cougar, boar, or bear.
So, each wolf must understand this disadvantage and insecurity. It would get killed if it were inflated with false confidence and tackled a bear or moose.
Since it can't win individually on a one-to-one basis, it must work as a team or pack. A lone wolf cannot kill powerful animals, but a pack of wolves can even bring down a brown bear, moose, boar, or bison.

This is why libertarianism is so destructive to whites. It tells whites to be lone wolves. But wolves never win alone. They win as a team. And a team should be built on racial solidarity.
Howard Roark the lone wolf of Ayn Rand's THE FOUNTAINHEAD may be a romantic figure, but we mustn't confuse fantasy with reality.

One on one, Jews beat whites intellectually.
One on one, blacks beat whites physically.

But when whites team up, they can win over Jews and blacks.
This is why Jews are so allergic to any notion of white consciousness and unity.

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