Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blacks are re-emerging as the Face of the Democratic Party once again

It looks like the homo stuff that dominated Liberal politics during the Obama administration has run its course; it is effectively over. And the tranny stuff isn't inspiring for most people. After 'gay marriage' passed, the homo agenda is now in anti-climactic spiral.

So, blacks are making fuss and noise to emerge once again as The Face of the Democratic Party. Blacks are especially frustrated because they feel that the Obama Era(the one with the black guy in Oval Office) was wasted mostly on serving Wall Street and homos. Blacks kept a relatively low profile because a black guy was president, but it dawned on them a few yrs back that Obama did more for others -- homos, Wall Street, globalists, and immigrants -- than for blacks.

With 'gay marriage' now a moot issue after the Supreme Court decree, the homo agenda lost its urgency and fire. Homomania is still around, but the hysteria has petered out.

But because blacks are always angry and demanding(and always causing problems that they blame on others), it is natural that blacks would once again hog the limelight of Lib Politics. Politics focuses on serious problems, and blacks have always been problem #1 in America because they are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and dumber. Blacks act like children who are stronger than white adults. Black problem will NEVER go away. Worse, blacks will never be blamed since they've sacralized with the slavery & Jim Crow narrative by the Jewish-controlled media that paralyzes white power with 'white guilt'.

So, for those Libs who thought homomania could send Negrosteria(negro hysteria) to the back of the bus indefinitely, forget it. Blacks are now demanding control of the steering wheel.

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