Saturday, September 17, 2016

Peace and Prosperity under PC and Pop Culture are doing more Damage to the West than WWI and WWII(and Communism) did.

Some people blame World War I and World War II for the current crisis in the West.

But consider.

Poland suffered horribly in WWII, but it is still healthy in its nationalism.

Sweden, a neutral nation, was untouched by and, if anything, prospered from the war, but it is going to hell in a hand-basket.

Also, UK was relatively far less harmed by the war than most participants, but UK is also turning into a hellhole.

In contrast, Russia lost many millions and suffered great devastations in WWII, but it is still nationalist.

And continental USA wasn't touched by the war at all, and if anything, US economy got a huge boost, but US is also being overrun by PC and POC(people of color invaders who arrive in huge numbers to 'peacefully ethnically cleanse' the West).

So, what do all these dying western nations have in common?

They came under the influence of Zio-Liberalism.

It was the corruption of their hearts, minds, and loins by Jewish-engineered 'white guilt', 'jungle fever', 'radical feminism', 'diversity-inclusion', 'homomania', and 'hedonism' that really dealt a deathblow to the West. Not the war.

People can quickly recover from extensive physical destruction.

Germans and Japanese rose from ashes of WWII.
Russians rose from gulags of Stalin.
Jews rose from the Holocaust.
Vietnamese rose from the Vietnam War.
Black Americans rose from slave trade and slavery.
White America rose from the hell-fire of the Civil War.

But when people lose their way, identity, pride, morality, and meaning, they become mindless pop-culture-addicted-nihilist-hedonists whose values derive from Political Correctness manipulated by globalists(mostly vile Jews and homos).

And from that disease of the mind and soul, recovery is most difficult.

Look at Japan. It quickly recovered from WWII in industry and demographics.

But in recent years, Japanese have lost even the will to reproduce. Japanese kids are raised on junk culture, Japanese girls are into jungle fever, and Japanese males are cucked-out dorks who gave up on manhood. Japanese today have full bellies but dead dicks.

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