Monday, September 26, 2016

Cops and Palestinians are pariahs to most powerful people

No one cares about Palestinians.

It’s like no one cares about cops.

If any Republican president said things that led to the killing of innocents, he would have been lambasted by the media and the Democratic Party.

Obama and Soros stoked the BLM rage, and it led to killing of cops.

Media and GOP didn’t hold Obama accountable and instead just led him get away and pompously pontificate about ‘history’ to weasel himself out of responsibility.

Even the Conservative Establishment won’t blame and denounce Obama on the killing of cops when his rhetoric and politicking on the matter clearly led to the deaths.

Even Trump dared not make the connection between Obama and black murder of cops.

Cops(if killed by black rage fueled by Obama the historic president) don’t matter just like Palestinians don’t matter as they look forward yet more decades of Occupation and humiliation(and even mass killing).

Obama is a cop-killer. He didn’t pull the trigger but he encouraged the lunacy of BLM. It is all the more sick since it was the Prog push for gentrification that led to more tensions & clashes between cops and blacks.

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