Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Tribalism of Socio-Political Compassion. Dogs and Dog Food. Which one are you?

Compassion may sound anti-tribal, but one's compassion for a selective group means a blind eye and cold-heart(even hatred) toward its perceived enemies, rivals, or victims.

It is our compassion for dogs that make us blind to the animals killed and fed to dogs. To own and love a dog means you must take care of it & feed it, and that means other animals must be killed to be used as food. Our concern for dogs disregards the millions of animals that are destroyed to make dog food.

White gentiles feel compassion for Zionists, and this has blinded them to the struggles of Palestinians, the enemies and victims of the Jews. We see Jews as wonderful dogs and see Palestinians as dog food(for the Zionist dogs), a people who must be sacrificed to make the Jews happy.

So, if you think compassion will facilitate rising above tribalism, think again. It may help you rise above your own tribalism, but in making you root for a 'special' group over other groups, it morphs into a deferred tribalism.

In the West, the elite 'compassion for Jews, homos, and blacks means that other groups are disregarded. Jews, homos, and blacks are the darling dogs, and the rest of us are seen as dog food. We exist only to serve and feed those who've been made the special objects of 'universal' compassion by the power of Political Correctness.

Try not to be dog food to other races. You and your people deserve better. Don't be Palestinianized.

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