Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Christianism(worldview stemming from Christian Morality) is now the soft underbelly of the White Race

Christian Morality is about Spiritual Virtue-Signaling of either Holier-than-thou or Redemptive-for-my-sins.

What is the biggest ‘sin’ in the West according to the PC Narrative? ‘Racism’.

Christians are affected by the current moralist culture, and so their main priority is to demonstrate they are oh-so-good and moral by fervently celebrating ‘diversity’.

Given the moral dynamics of Christianity, it was bound to end up this way.

Christianity must be rejected if the white race must survive.

Paradoxically, Christianity claims moral supremacism via moral self-debasement.
Christians profess to be redemptive of their myriad sins, but such display of sanctimony is grounds for their moral superiority over others. "I humbly admit my worthlessness in the eyes of God; therefore, I am better than you and fit to judge mankind." Such mentality is the core of PC.

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