Monday, September 19, 2016

Biology, not history, explains the Black Problem

History, history, history.

It doesn’t matter.

If all those blacks had been brought to America as free men, we’d have the same problem.

It’s biology, not history.

Blacks mess things up here, blacks mess things up in Jamaica and Haiti, blacks mess things up in Africa, blacks mess things up in Europe.

Sure, some higher IQ Nigerian immigrants do better in the West, but that’s cream of the crop. Most Nigerians in Nigeria turned that nation into a hellhole.

And look where South Africa is going. And before anyone blames Apartheid, look at black African nations that had no apartheid. They ended up worse.

Blacks are stronger, more aggressive, more volatile, more pathological, less introspective, less self-critical, and etc.

Evolution made them that way because they lived in hunter-warrior societies where aggressive hunter-warrior traits were most favored.

If Americans had brought Vietnamese as slaves, things would have turned out very differently.

Yes, Vietnamese-American descendants of slaves would have a bitter narrative and harbor rsentment, but they would pose no threat since Vietnamese are scrawny geeks. They wouldn't threaten or scare anyone. There never would have been a Vietnamese Jack Johnson or Muhammad Ali or OJ Simpson. There wouldn’t be Jungle Fever for Vietnamese men. And even if there had been a Vietnamese Civil Rights Leader, he wouldn’t be an object of cult worship since Vietnamese don’t have boom box voices(of someone like MLK) that have a magical voodoo effect on white folks… indeed as if they are hearing the voice of god hisself.

Vietnamese were fearsome only in Vietnam where they outnumbered the French and Americans by a huge margin. But on a one-on-one basis, a short skinny Vietnamese is no threat to a white man. As a minority, Vietnamese-Americans would pose no threat to white folks despite their bitter slave narrative. Also, as East Asians, Vietnamese have servile genes(like Mexican indigenous mongoid folks and American Indians in reservations) and would have just gotten along with White Power.

So, the real shame of America wasn’t so much slavery. It was WHOM the whites enslaved.

They made a terrible choice in enslaving a people bigger, tougher, and more aggressive than themselves.

White people should have enslaved scrawny Vietnamese, not powerful blacks.

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