Friday, September 23, 2016

Inclusion leads to Exclusion

'Inclusiveness' has replaced 'Diversity' as the buzzword of the Progs.

In truth, Inclusion is exclusion.

For example...

If you allow blacks into your community, your school team will exclude white players in favor of faster & tougher black players. It leads to exclusion of white athletes.
Also, inclusion of blacks into white communities leads to exclusion of white seeds in white wombs that, instead, welcome black seeds as superior. Such is the way of interracist Jungle Fever. Even some white males welcome this because they have cuckishly idealized their beta-status as atonement for 'racism'. Also, as sports-and-rap addicts, white boys grow up idolizing black males as 'heroes'.

The inclusion of blacks into Europe has led to exclusion of white athletes from many events.

The inclusion of men in women's sports would lead to exclusion of women who simply cannot compete with men.
The inclusion of heavy-weight boxers in welter-weight division will exclude welter-weights from any victory since heavy-weights will totally dominate over the smaller boxers.

Inclusion of Asians into the US has led to Asian female exclusion of inferior Asian males because Asian wombs will only accept white or black seeds.

Inclusion of Jews and Asians into the US has led to exclusion of many white gentiles from elite colleges.

So, Inclusion always leads to some form of Exclusion.

Inclusion of Neocons into the GOP led to the exclusion/expulsion of Paleo-cons and Eurocentrist-cons.

Inclusion of your enemies, rivals, and hostile competitors leads to the purging & exclusion of your own kind.

When Roman Empire 'included' the Christians, it led to the purging and exclusion of the paganists.

Inclusion of rats and pigs into Galapagos island led to exclusion of various species in the game of evolutionary survival.

Beware of what you INCLUDE. It could lead to the EXCLUSION, even extinction, of your own kind.

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