Saturday, September 17, 2016

'Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing' of European Nations must be countered with reverse-ethnic-cleansing.

'Peaceful ethnic cleansing' is happening all over the West.

Progs are using massive immigration/migration as PEACEFUL ETHNIC CLEANSING against white peoples in their homelands.

DIVERSITY is peaceful ethnic cleansing against whites by the globalists.

So much of London and Paris have been 'peaceful-ethnic-cleansed' by massive invasion.
There are many schools in London that are all non-white. John Cleese talked about this. London is no longer an English city.

And white flight from black blight and excessive 'diversity' also constitutes 'peaceful ethnic cleansing'.

What whites need is reverse-ethnic-cleansing to reclaim their nations. There is too much
color-colonization, the colonization of POC as directed by Jews.
We need counter-ethnic-cleansing to save white homelands for white folks.

There was a time when Vietnam was being colonized by the French. The Vietnamese resisted and threw out the French.
And then, Americans came and pushed interracism on the Viets by turning Viet women into whores of white and black men. Viets resisted and threw out the Americans and their Vietcuck collaborators.
And Algerians reverse-ethnic-cleansed the French from their territory.

Today, the West is being colonized by the globo-policy of 'inclusion-intrusion'.

INCLUSION IS INVASION. In the past, French forced Vietnam and Algeria to be 'inclusive' of French imperialists. Also, Western imperialists forced the Palestinians to be 'inclusive' of intrusive Zionist colonizers.
Today, the globalist elites are forcing white people to be 'inclusive' of intrusive Third World peoples who just want to leech off the West.

And Section 8 forces the inclusion-intrusion of black thugs and mandingos into every white neighborhood so that fancy liberal cities will have less black crime. Suburbanize the black problem. That is the new strategy of the Jewish globalists who now live in posh safe cities.

Jews want white vaginas to reject white penises and be 'inclusive' of black penises so that white wombs will be hatcheries of black babies.

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