Sunday, August 28, 2016

Natural Prejudice/Preference versus Ideological Prejudice/Preference

AR or Alt Right is closer to Natural Prejudices and Preferences, whereas Political Correctness or PC is closer to Ideological Prejudices and Preferences.

Natural prejudices don't have to be taught. Most people are born with them. Having negative feelings about homosexuals is a natural prejudice. For most people, the idea of men sticking their penises into other men's bungholes is gross. The sight of a guy who acts girly and talks funny is also off-putting. As for a man who wears women's dress and wants to have his penis and testicles removed to get a fake vagina... that sounds crazy from the perspective of natural prejudice.

It is also a natural preference for most white people to want to live with fellow whites and apart from TMB(too many blacks) because blacks look & sound different, are stronger, and more aggressive(therefore, more prone to crime and other disruptive behavior). White people don't have to be taught such preferences that come naturally to them based on how brains wired and on observations of blacks.

Alt Right feels there is nothing wrong with such natural prejudices and preferences. Of course, in a diverse nation like the US -- but then, who made it so diverse? -- , people do need to get along and therefore should check their overt natural prejudices. That said, it is only normal and healthy to be in tune with one's natural prejudices and preferences on the personal level.
For the sake of social order and peace, Alt Right understands that it's not nice to call homosexuals 'faggots'. It understands that Rule of Law means that homosexuals should not be discriminated in professions just because they have weird 'sexual' fixations. The thing is to feel what comes naturally but also to check those feelings in certain areas of life for the sake of social peace and cooperation.

Alt Right's real problem is with Ideological Prejudices and Preferences. These aren't natural and are often directed against nature.
When it comes to homosexuality, PC has an ideological prejudice against 'homophobes', a bogus term devised to demean and dehumanize anyone who exhibits natural prejudices about homos. 'Phobia' is not an objective term that simply means 'fear' or 'strong dislike'. It is a judgmental term that implies that the person with the said 'phobia' is mentally ill or pathological. If 'phobia' were a neutral term, then Liberals who dislike or fear Conservatives should be called 'conservaphobes'. Of course, Liberals would never assent to such terminology. When Liberals attach 'phobia' to any attitude or sentiment, they mean it is sick or pathological to hold such views.

There is no natural prejudice against people who feel uneasy about homosexuality. Indeed, just about anyone who is straight would feel those feelings if allowed to.
PC condemns such natural prejudices and, in their stead, insists on its own ideological prejudices, especially on the impressionable young. PC works tirelessly to purge natural prejudices and to replace them with ideological prejudices that encourage people to hate, revile, and condemn 'homophobes' who harbor naturally negative feelings about homosexuality. So, ideological prejudice dupes people into believing that there is nothing wrong with fecal penetration among men or with men who remove their sex organs to get fake vaginas. And it drums up powerful passion of ideological prejudice against people who won't get with the PC program of homomania.

PC must work tirelessly to push ideological prejudices because they don't come naturally. Natural prejudices are the default facts of life. They are inborn traits.
In contrast, ideological prejudices can only come into existence through social engineering and indoctrination. This is why PC is so hysterical and tireless. Like the tale of the shark that sinks if it stops swimming, PC cannot last unless it's in hysterical mode. It's like Maoism didn't have a future except as non-stop hysteria. Its tenets went too much against the natural prejudices of humanity. PC has to constantly plug up the dam because the flood of nature threatens to break through the artificial barrier.

Or take a ideological preference like the interracism of white women going with black men. The natural preference for white men is the manly pride that derives from white women having their children. So, the natural preference of white men is to have white women have children with white men. Indeed, nothing can be more natural than that.

But PC, an instrument of anti-white Jews, want as many white women as possible to reject white men and have children with men of other races, especially blacks. Hostile Jews know it is most humiliating and demoralizing for white men when white women sexually defect to black men because black men are stronger and can beat up white men.
Surely, a white guy will feel more dejected and demoralized if the white woman of his dreams goes off with a NFL Negro than with Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel.

There is no natural reason for white men to be happy about the sexual defection of white women, especially to black men. If anything, their natural reaction should be one of rage and anger. But then, Jews know all too well that such a passion could very well light the fire of white revolution because sexuality, along with territoriality, is one of the most powerful natural emotions of organisms. And then, the white revolution may come after Jews who've done most to push interracism to demoralize and cuck the white race.

So, Jews use PC to replace white men's natural preference for white female loyalty with an ideological preference of interracism that leads to sexual defection. This ideological preference makes white men cheer on the sexual betrayal of white women. These ideologically brainwashed 'white boys' cheer on the use of white wombs to hatch mulatto babies and the use of white breasts to nourish black-mulatto children than white children(who will never be born from her womb). PC instills white minds with the notion that 'racism' is the worst sin. PC says wicked white souls can only be redeemed by revering and serving blackness, and that means cucking out.

So, this ideological preference has white boys saying that it's a wonderful thing for America to have a mulatto like Obama -- the product of a white woman rejecting white men to have a child with a black African -- as president.

Wonderful how? This is what happens when natural prejudices/preferences are replaced with ideological ones.

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