Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alt Right Aims for the Correct Target. Aim and Game.

One area in which Alt Right is ahead of everyone, even Trump, is that it accurately, honestly, and correctly identifies Jewish Power as the MAIN FORCE behind the dehumanization and dispossession of white people.

This is where even Trump fails. All this "We must hate on Muslims to protect Jews and homos" totally misses the point.

Unless we aim for the main enemy target, the white race cannot make real change and save itself.

Imagine in a war where all your firepower is aimed at everything BUT the main enemy hilltop with the biggest cannons.

It doesn't matter how much firepower you have if your aim is off and not hitting the spot that is lobbing lethal volleys at you.

Suppose your enemy has a pistol with one bullet while you have a machine gun with a 1000 rounds. Suppose he aims the pistol at your head while you aim your gun at everything but him. You can shoot all you want, but it won't make any difference. In contrast, he needs to pull the trigger only once to kill you.

It's like in boxing. The boxer beats the brawler because the boxer knows the sweet science of hitting the opponent right on the button. Brawler just flails, missing most of the punches while tiring.

It's the politics of aim. If you don't have the aim, you can't play the game.

Jews aim for white power. In contrast, whites have been aiming at everything but Jewish power that has been most instrumental in the destruction of the white race. All those conservatives who worry about Sharia in America, Russia(in 'new cold war'), or Iran... what a bunch of dummies. Maybe they think they can appease Jews by hating on nations and peoples that Jews hate, but Jews are insatiable and never reciprocate in kind.

Alt Right is in the vanguard because it identifies the proper target. Jewish Power. Alt Right doesn't hate Jews as a people. But it knows that Jewish Power is out to destroy the white race. Too many powerful Jews are like George Soros.

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