Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alt-Right Can Play the Role of the Frankfurt School

When Jews didn't hold the commanding heights of power, they were penetrating critics of WASP power and Christian culture. And some of the most committed and interesting critics and intellectuals of power and privilege in America belonged to the 'Cultural Marxist' Frankfurt School.

The lesson to be drawn from this is that even those who vehemently rejected the Frankfurt School's program had something to learn from their thoughtful critique of power, privilege, control, and manipulation.
And even those who have no use for Noam Chomsky's socialist-anarchism can learn from his sharp criticism of US foreign policy and oligarchic control of media.

Now that the Western Left has become totally beholden to Political Correctness and/or oligarchic funding(of George Soros and gang), this presents a golden opportunity for the Alt Right to play a leading role in the Critique of Power, namely that of Jewish Globalists.
Because of PC and Jewish funding, nearly everyone from the Radical Left to Conservatism Inc dares not mention the J-Factor(except to occasionally condemn excesses of the Likud Party against Palestinians).
Because Alt Right has no hangups about naming the Jew in the globalist system(dominated by Jewish finance and media/academic control), Alt Right can be most honest voice on the true nature of power in the West. It can own honesty, courage, and integrity in the critique of power.

The question is, will the Alt Right take on this opportunity intelligently or will it allow dumb 14/88 provocateurs(who are likely shills of SPLC or very disturbed individuals) to drown out the debate with Pepe the Frog as Der Fuhrer.

If the Alt Right plays it right, even those opposed to the Alt Right agenda will find value in its critique of power and privilege as rigged by the globalist system.

That is a start.

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