Thursday, August 25, 2016

Democrats and Republicans Merging into Hybrid Creature

Democrats taking from Republicans is nothing new.

Bill Clinton took 'free trade' and 'law and order' from the GOP. And even the proposal for 'welfare reform'. He locked up record numbers of blacks in prison.
He gave up on the American working class and made a pact with the Davos elite class. Bill also won the Heart of Wall Street with massive de-regulation. He also pushed shock-treatment-capitalism on Russia. He was a better 'Republican' than most Republicans though he cleverly masked his globalist decisions with 'progressive' rhetoric, such as celebration of 'year of the women'.

So, the process of Democrats-becoming-the-New-Republicans has been taking place since 92 when Clinton won the election.

Hillary is just hammering in the final nails on the empty coffin of the two-party state. Both parties are really just two version of AIPAC, the party that really runs America.

We say GOP will lose forever, and US will be a one-party state. But the New Democratic Party is nothing like its original self. It wouldn't recognize the policies of FDR and Kennedy. It is actually closer in many ways to Reaganism and Thatcherism. Though it is called the 'left', it has no use for class politics or issues of 'equality'. Its idea of 'neo-equality' is that 'men in dress have equal rights to use the ladys room'. It's a parody of egalitarianism. Leftism is turned into a farce so that it will never challenge the power of the elite class. And the fact that people in the media and academia all support Hillary goes to show that, despite their pretension of speaking truth to power in the name of the people, they are part of the elite(or aspire to be such) and want to keep their power and privileges under the protective wing of globalist oligarchs.

So, this new monster should be called the Repumocratic Party. Or maybe the AIPAC Party. It's a hybrid monster. It's not the case of one party destroying the other but both parties merging under Jewish control to serve the interests of the globo 1%.

But look at the bright side. If the GOP folds and goes away, there will no 'common enemy' to hold the diverse coalition together. It will mean everyone of every gentile group will focus his or her ire on the 1% so dominated by Jewish power.

And then, the real revolution will begin. It will be gentiles vs Jews.

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