Saturday, August 27, 2016

Those who invoke Diversity against Alt Right need to realize that Alt Right is the product of Diversity

When the West was comfortably white(or all-white as in the case of Europe), there was no need for a 'white identity'. It was taken for granted that the Eurosphere is white.
But with increasing Diversity and the Politics of Hostility against whites(as the scapegoat of all evil), white people are beginning to realize that they better rouse up and have a honorable identity of their own because they will otherwise be blamed for everything and sucked dry by leeches from all over the world.

Diversity-Mania looks upon the white race as a blank canvas that needs to be filled in with all the colors of the world. So, whites don't constitute a distinct people and culture in their own right in their own world. They are 'invisible' and exist only to be enriched and colored in by the rest of the world. Diversity Cult says the White West must be Jackson-Pollocked out of existence 'in order to survive'. Survive as what? A culturally unintelligible hodgepodge that has value only to investors with big bucks?

In truth, the White West is not a blank canvas that needs to be splattered with the colors and stains of the world. It is a beautiful masterpiece with noble images, rich textures, and subtle hues that needs to be preserved and appreciated for what it is.

The core essence of PC is anti-whitism that lays all the blame for world's problems on whites. Mass poverty in India? Blame White America for not taking in enough immigrants from South Asia. Massive corruption and backwardness in Mexico? Blame gringo for not allowing full open borders so that any number of Mexicans can enter and enjoy free stuff. Blacks imitating gangsta rappers and murdering each other by the bushel? Have an idiotic organization like BLM blame whites for the bloodbath in the black community. Jews ripping off the world through their control of the FED and Wall Street? Blame 'white privilege'(while never mentioning Jewish Power and Privilege that are most instrumental in global finance and neo-imperialist US foreign policy that even calls for a 'new cold war').

The meme of Evil Whites might as well be called 'whitites' because anti-whititism follows the same twisted logic of classic antisemitism that didn't merely blame Jews for bad Jewish behavior but all the problems in the world.


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