Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alt Rightists should call each other 'Triggers'.

Black rappers call each other 'niggaz', short for 'niggers'.

Progs prefer PC fantasy and hate being triggered by the truth.
In contrast, people of Alt Right value the truth and want to trigger the world with it.

If black rappers want to call each other 'niggaz' or 'niggers', that's fine by me.

One thing for sure, Progs who push PC might as well be 'riggers' because they rig the Narrative through their censorious control of the media and academia.

Since the Alt Right wants to trigger the world with the truth about Jews, race, power, and other heretical topics, its members might as well be called 'triggers'.

The Narrative is about black rapper 'niggers' spewing trash and about globalist 'riggers' pushing PC dogma.

Against the demented 'niggers' and disingenuous 'riggers', there are the 'triggers' of the Alt Right who do not cower in fear or cowardice.

I'm a Trigger. Be a Trigger too.

So... what's up, Trigger?

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