Friday, August 26, 2016

Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology are just as damaging as Cult of Personality

Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and Mao wrapped themselves in the Cult of Personality. They became all-knowing demi-gods to their minions who were willing to follow their Great Leader to the gates of hell. We know how that ended up. Same dynamics with the Jim Jones Cult in Guyana.

But even without the Cult of Personality, there is the problem of the Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology.

In the West, the Holocaust has become a religion -- it might as well be called 'Holocaustianity' -- , and we are supposed to respect, worship, and obey Jews as the Perfect Race, one that can do no wrong.
So, Jewish Power, the dominant force in the West, never goes questioned, criticized, and challenged. It grows more ethno-megalomaniacal, corrupt, hateful, and aggressive by the day. Jewish-influenced foreign policy has destroyed the Arab/Muslim World and now heightens tensions with Russia because Putinism has said NO to total Jewish control(by the likes of Soros and Khodorovsky).

If it is stupid to worship the Great Man as infallible, it is even dumber to worship the Great Race as godlike. We need to talk about Jewish power.

There is also the problem of Cult of Ideology. Zio-America of the 21st century is filled with neo-imperialist jingoism, chauvinism, and militarism. It declares itself above international law because the US is presumably an 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation. It is a new form of supremacism. Ugly and dangerous. But because of the Cult of Ideology -- the 'American' way of doing things is best and only correct one -- so many dumb Americans support the crazy globalist agenda, not unlike how the bread-and-circus-addled Romans hailed the conquering Caesars.

The notion of End of History -- The West won and is right about everything -- may well bring about the End of the World.

Just think... so many Americans are willing to vote for Hillary, the War Criminal who destroyed Libya and supports the rebranded Alqaeda in Syria to topple Syria.

The crazy hag(who belongs in the human rights court at the Hague) also wants a 'new cold war' with Russia, a nation with no ill-will toward Americans.

This is what happens to a nation when it becomes beholden to the Cult of Ethnicity and Cult of Ideology, both manipulated by Zio-globalists.

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