Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alt Right Needs GENTILE IDENTITY to Fight the (((Main Enemy))) First.

While mass immigration of non-whites undermines white majority and white power, one thing will not change... namely that Jews will remain 2% of the population whereas gentiles will make 98% or even more.

In any war, it is smart to focus on the biggest enemy first. If the main enemy falls, others will also. As the German army began to lose in the Eastern Front, all its allies(Romanians, Hungarians, Croatians, Italians, etc) were doomed as well.

And enemy #1 is the Jews. If the Jews fall, then the whole globalist enterprise and the anti-white coalition will begin to fall apart.
So, until Jews are brought down, I think Alt Right shouldn't play so exclusively with the 'white identity' card. It should pull out the Gentile Identity card, namely that WE ARE ALL 'PALESTINIANS' being ripped off, exploited, and shell-shocked by Zionist Globalism the world over.

Jews know how to play this game. They despise and distrust all gentile groups but take care not to antagonize all of them at once.
Notice how Jews did most to destroy the Muslim world but also recruit Muslims in the West against whites. Jews hate Muslims, but Jews do this because, for the time being, they see whites as the #1 enemy. If Jews vilify both whites and Muslims, both groups will become natural allies against Jews. Jews use white Christians against Muslims OVER THERE and use Muslims against white Christians OVER HERE.

So, as long as Jews are the #1 enemy of whites, Alt Right should consider the meme of Gentile Identity that sounds the alarm on how all gentile groups -- whites, Asians, Arabs, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, and etc -- are exploited, robbed, leeched by, and/or bombed by Jews. And then, all gentile hostilities can be concentrated on Jewish Globalist Supremacism.

Alt Right as a white identity movement fights on too many fronts.
It makes no sense to fight both 'kebabs' and 'bagels' at the same time.
Alt Right should fight one front at a time. Since Jews have the most power and are most effective as an anti-white power, Alt Right and all Euro-Identitarians should focus on taking out The Jew first. Various gentile groups disagree on many things, but they should be agreed on the deviously exploitative and tyrannical power of Jews.

Support BDS. Support Palestinians. Emphasize how Jewish communists destroyed the Slavs and how Jewish capitalists fleeced them. Support blacks who've been historically exploited and cheated by Jews. Tell Hispanics that Jewish elites see them as little more than kitchen help, nannies, busboys, and lettuce pickers. Tell blacks about the dirty secret of Gentrification.

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