Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alex Jones is NOT Alt-Right, and the Real Reason why Hillary's Masters(the globalist Jews) loathe the Alt Right is because it does NOT peddle in conspiracy theories

According to Hillary, the Alt Right is all about paranoia and conspiracy-theorizing. Among the villains she mentioned was Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a conspiracy-theorist, sometimes right, often wrong. He has connections to the Alt Right, but he is not of the Alt Right. Indeed, most Alt Right people see him as amusing at best.

The problem with Jones and others like him is they rely on elaborate conspiracy theories because they are afraid to speak the plain truth. Conspiracy theorizing allows them to go around sacred taboos, the violation of which can jeopardize their careers.

So, instead of Naming the Jew, Alex Jones will talk about the 'Illuminati'. Or, he will pretend that the Saudis run Hollywood. Or, he will invoke 'false flag' operations whenever a crisis hits.

And people like him will yammer endlessly about silly subjects like GMO's or vaccination.

Alex Jones peddles in sensationalism, and his brand of conspiracy-theorizing may entertain on the level THE BOURNE TRILOGY or V FOR VENDETTA.

But, we don't need fantasies and exaggerations to know what's really going on. And this is where Alt Right can make a real difference. Alt Right is Zzzzzzzzzz about most conspiracy theories. Alt Right sees them as diversions from the plain truth of what is really happening and what needs to be said. Alt Right is committed to tackling the obvious truths suppressed by the Narrative than to concocting outlandish theories in the hope of bypassing PC no-go zones. Illuminati? The Masons? Please!

Alt Right also knows there are limits to ideology. While excesses of socialism can undermine society, the failure of Detroit and other black-dominated cities cannot be explained with ideology alone. After all, even communist Poland, as bad as it was, wasn't as bad as Detroit or black areas of Baltimore.
If libertarians, ever fearful of being called 'racist', attribute black failure to public education(and lack of charter schools), Alt Right says it like it is. Blacks fail more because they are stronger(therefore hold other races in contempt), more aggressive(therefore less cooperative), and less intelligent. Alt Right doesn't care about the taboos against speaking such obvious truths. It notices and says what it sees. Alt Right has no use for Rand Paul the 'Detroit Republican'. Alt Right has no use for NYT 'progressive' hacks who cook up ever more outlandish theories to explain black domination in sports and failure in education. Alt Right knows Weasel Words when it hears them.

THIS is why the Establishment is afraid of the Alt Right. People like Alex Jones(who are not of the Alt Right) can easily be dismissed for obsessing over chemicals in morning cereals and umpteenth theory of Building 7 on 9/11. They can be mocked as cranks, clowns, or lunatics.

But Alt Right doesn't truck in such diversions. It takes a cold hard look at who has the real power in America. Alt Rightists notice the Jews. And they notice that the Jewish-globalist agenda is hostile to gentile populations everywhere. The Zio-globalist policy of Invade-Invite has led to the mass destruction of the Arab/Muslim World and the mass-invasion of the West by uprooted Third World hordes. Alt Right takes notice of this and says it like it is.

Alt Right also takes notice of the real source of racial problems in the US. It is due to blacks being more muscular/stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent than other races. Alt Right is about Occam's Razor or, better yet, Occam's Laser. It has no use for bogus explanations cooked up by disingenuous 'progressives' and craven 'libertarians' who either blame 'system racism' or 'socialism' for the problems stemming from the black community.

An example of how the Alt Right operates:
The Alt Right community played a key role in exposing and debunking the UVA fraternity rape hoax. It didn't have to cook up wild conspiracy theories to do this. It only had to look at the hard facts.
If anything, it was the 'progressive' Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone magazine that had concocted an elaborate hoax about blonde 'Aryan' rape gang terrorizing college girls. (I think Hillary topped the Haven Monahan Hoax with Putin-as-grand-poobah-of-Alt-Right. And they said Joe McCarthy was deluded.)
To this day, NYT has yet to admit that the whole UVA scandal was a wild hoax pulled off by a venomous Jewess. Jew denounce 'tribalism' among white gentiles, but Jews sure watch out for each other's backs.

The Establishment fears the Alt Right because the Alt Right refuses to tiptoe around sacred PC taboos. Alt Right picks up the drill and bores right through the taboos. Also, Alt Right doesn't fritter away its energy on ridiculous conspiracy theories because it prefers to speak the honest and simple truth about Jewish Power and Black Thuggery.

Also, Alt Right has no use for mindless brainwashing slogans like "Diversity Is Our Strength", "Marriage Equality", "Inclusion", or "Gay Pride" -- 'pride' about homo fecal penetration or de-sausaging of the penis to form a fake vagina? Those slogans are weasel Words. After all, if 'progressives' really believe in 'marriage equality', why don't they push 'incest marriage' or polygamy? Why did Homos get special treatment? Alt Right knows without being told because the facts are so obvious: Jews are the Ruling Minority Elites in the US, and they funded and pushed the Homo Agenda to NORMALIZE minority-supremacist-domination because many homos are successful and well-connected in elite fields. The homo agenda is not about justice or tolerance(though it may have been that in the past). It is about power and domination.

Alt Right is sober and doesn't need escapist conspiracy theories to explain or understand the world. Its only tools are honesty, courage, and integrity, which are qualities sorely lacking in all of establishment media and academia totally dominated by PC enforced by Jewish Power.

Can anyone prove that Jews are NOT the ruling elites of the Western World? Follow the money. Look at Jewish representation in elite institutions and industries. Look at the powerful people around Obama, Hillary, and even Donald Trump. Alt Right is simply the boy who has the guts(seen as 'gall' by the Establishment) to say the Emperor has no clothes.

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