Friday, August 26, 2016

The 2 PC's (political correctness and pop culture) are the Depressant and Stimulant in the Assisted Suicide of the West

By its very nature, life struggles to live and stave off death.

When a man drowns or has a pillow pressed over his face, he desperately and violently struggles to survive. It is the natural way of life. No one drowns or suffocates calmly or happily.

So, when a national entity is faced with invasion and displacement, the natural reaction is for the population to fight and struggle to preserve themselves. It is the way of life.

To achieve the dissolution and degeneration of the West, the globalists opt for Assisted Suicide that administers Political Correctness(as depressant to dampen the mood to resist) and Pop Culture(as narcotic to detach people from reality in favor of fantasy).

George Soros and his ilk are the Jack Kervokians of the World. They administer the downfall of entire peoples and cultures.

Because life violently resists against extinction, the globalists must lower the natural defenses of life. Consider how the British Imperialists used opium to weaken the resolve of the Chinese. It is like in the movie INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. "They get you when you sleep", when you're most defenseless and vulnerable.

There are two kinds of defenselessness.
One of drowsiness and depression.
One of hysteria and over-excitement.

PC #1 or Political Correctness is meant to sap your strength by dampening your confidence as white people.
PC #2 or Pop Culture is meant to turn you into dumb children easy to manipulate emotionally.

Western People are in a schizo state, paralyzed by toxic Political Correctness and stimulated by trashy Pop Culture.

Only when the Western Mind regains balance and health will it come alive and violently resist the attempt to destroy it.

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