Sunday, August 28, 2016

Everyone is Race-ist but C-racists are honest whereas D-racists are Not

All this talk of ‘racism’ misses the point.

In fact, we are all ‘racists’. It is impossible not to be because we have eyes, ears, and flesh. We were designed to notice things, and humans notice differences. It was part of evolution, to notice differences.

The real difference isn’t between ‘racists’ and ‘non-racists’(or ‘anti-racists’).
It is between c-racists and d-racists.

C-racist is a Candid Racist who is honest about his awareness of the existence of races and racial differences.

D-racist is a Dishonest(or Disingenuous)Racist who concocts all manner of rationalizations, evasions, and deceptions to mask or obfuscate what he really sees, feels, and thinks while pretending to be ‘progressive’, ironically often by championing the blatant racism of other peoples. So, while it is wrong to be‘virulently white’, it’s okay to be virulently Jewish in NY, virulently Cubano in Miami, virulently brown in LA, and virulently black in Detroit or Baltimore.

D-racism can be conscious or subconscious because so many people have been conditioned to reject the notion of race altogether and to see whites and only whites as the source of all evil. As such, they think solving the ‘white problem’ will be a cure-all. It’s like a communist believing the economy will prosper once all the capitalists have been eradicated. Of course, the economy only gets even worse without the capitalists, so communists end up accusing each other as ‘capitalist roaders’ to rationalize the worsening economy. Or, they spread propaganda that paints a rosy picture when millions are starving.

Racism can be based on truth or falsehood. There are correct racial theories and false racial theories. The theory that whites are faster than blacks is false. The theory that blacks are faster than whites is true. Jesse Owens destroyed the false Aryan theory and established the true Black theory that blacks can run faster. His feat didn’t prove racial equality but black superiority in sprinting among blacks. But d-racists only focus on the discrediting of the Aryan theory, as if it supports the Equality Theory. If a beagle claims it can run faster than a greyhound and loses, does it mean all dogs are equal? No, it means greyhounds are superior in speed. Thus, false racism has been replaced by true racism.

A theory that Eskimos are smarter than Jews is false. A theory that Jews are smarter than Eskimos is true. Perhaps, to c-racists and d-racists, we can add another category: the f-racists or false racists who peddle false racial theories. D-racists(who pretend to be anti-racists) claim to have disproved racism by discrediting the false racists who peddle false theories of race. But they never disproved the c-racists who notice REAL existing racial differences. D-racists use the straw man of f-racists to discredit c-racists.

F-racist says beagles are faster than greyhounds.
D-racist says all dogs are equal because the greyhound beat the beagle and discredited the beagle theory of superiority.
C-racist says greyhounds are faster and superior in speed to beagles.

C-racism is the only truth.

When we look at how people respond to sports, music, crime, residence, academics, justice, sex, policing, etc, everyone seems to notice racial differences on some level.
C-racists admit as much. D-racists deny that they do even though they do.

Look at yuppie Liberal Gentropolis. It is because Jews and Asians are smarter than there are more of them than blacks in those areas.
Look at the NBA, and blacks dominate because blacks are bigger, faster, and stronger.
Much of interracist sex is black male and white female because white women find Negroes to be superior studs.
Look at gentrification carried out out by affluent urban ‘progressives’. It is essentially about pushing blacks out to make safe spaces for bobo yuppies and hipsters who attended good colleges and/or received generous trusts from grandparents.
Jews are smarter and control US foreign policy to favor Israelis over Palestinians. Jewish ‘progressives’ or progs seem to have no problem with this Foreign Policy racism that prioritizes Jews over Palestinians.
And on an on. Jews are among the biggest d-racists.

‘Racism’ is something far more complicated than saying the n-word(nigger). Ism means belief or consciousness, and it is impossible not to notice racial differences and be affected by it.
Even when you prefer another race more than your own, you are being ‘racist’.
When a white woman prefers a negro man and when a white boy wants to be like a black rapper, they are acting on premise that black race is superior to the white race is fuc*ing and fighting(and acting unruly).

So, it’s really about c-racists and d-raciats.

I notice racial differences that are the product of 100,000 yrs of human evolution, and I see how they affect society.

After all, the main reason for black aggression isn’t history but biology. Blacks are more muscular and have more aggressive temperaments. I grew up in an integrated community, and black boys tended to see white boys as slow weakling wussies easy to pick and beat up. (That was the main reason for white flight in which Jewish liberals took part. Jews are the biggest d-racists around, always denouncing white gentiles as ‘racist’ while doing everything to seek safe space from the tougher and more aggressive blacks. After all, NY made a comeback by getting very tough on black crime. But it never got tagged as ‘city of hate’ or ‘city of greed’ because NY owns the national media that serves as its publicity machine.)

Needless to say, I’m a c-racist or race-ist.

Ism means belief or consciousness, and I believe in the existence of race and racial differences.

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