Friday, August 26, 2016

The Two Ways of Power. Courageous or Craven

There are two ways of power.

Power by honesty, courage, truth, and integrity in challenging the ruling power and formulating a new order on firm grounds.


Power by sucking up whomever has the most money, leverage, and connections.

GOP cuckservatives and Democratic cuckerals are mere toy servants of power. It is the power of the craven. GOP cuckservatives invoke 'principles' to mask their opportunism. (After all, if they really into 'universal values', why do they favor Jews over Palestinians in the Middle East conflict?) Democratic cuckerals like Hillary will pay-to-play and play-to-pay to get what's hers. There is zero consistency in her world-view. She claims to care about Muslims, but no one did more to destroy the Muslim world in the past 8 yrs than she did.

Alt Right has chance of starting a movement that is built on honesty, courage, truth, and integrity.
This is possible... but it can't happen until Alt Right distances itself from 14/88 types who have no honesty and no integrity. They have courage in violating taboos about the Holocaust, but a courageous falsehood is still a falsehood.

True courage is having the fortitude to favor facts and truths even when they upset one's own comforting narrative and worldview.
14/88 morons find comfort in HEIL HITLER and cannot handle the truth of history that says Nazism was, in the end, a total disaster, the main culprit of which was Hitler. They are just blind stupid SJW's of the far right.

Tell a 14/88 idiot that he is wrong about Hitler, and he throws tantrums just like an SJW idiot on college campus. He is easily 'triggered' by challenge to his narrative. He wants his own 'safe space' from real history and real world. Let him hunker in his bunker with a portrait of Hitler as a frog.

Alt Right has better things to do... if it wants to do them.

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