Saturday, August 27, 2016

University of Chicago is disingenuous in not offering 'safe spaces' and 'trigger warnings' to incoming students

While I fully support University of Chicago's stance against Political Correctness in defense of free speech and discourse, the only reason why U of C can function as an oasis of civil and learned discourse is because the community of Hyde Park is an artificial Safe Space sustained by a heavy-duty double-layering of police force that discourages blacks in the surrounding area(crime-ridden Chicago South Side) from entering and making trouble.

Do search the Internet for: “A Wall Around Hyde Park”: The History and the Future of the UCPD

Furthermore, is the University of Chicago really a haven for free speech and exchange of ideas? According to Jonathan Haidt, there is a concerted effort in every university, elite and otherwise, to discourage and squeeze out conservative and contrarian voices that challenge the prevailing PC orthodoxy. Robert Putnam, the author of BOWLING ALONE, even sat on his own data for years because he didn't like what it implied.

Also, if students are hysterical about 'micro-aggressions', 'triggers', and the like, it is only because they picked up these tics from the educational system.

It wasn't the students who drove Lawrence Summers(of Harvard) from his position when he ventured to speculate that males may be advantaged over females at the tail ends of IQ. It was the professorial class itself that threw fits and tantrums.

Would things be any different at University of Chicago? I don't think so.

Institutions like the University of Chicago were just fine and dandy with PC hysterics as long as it was directed at 'conservatives' and 'reactionaries'. But now that the 'red guards' of PC-revolution are beginning to devour their own parents, U of C makes faux-principled noises about defending free speech against PC. I guess Zionists at U of C are afraid that BDS folks might come to town to shut down any pro-Israeli voice.

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