Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pride and Dignity for the masses were not instrumental to creating civilization

The oft-heard gripe about American slavery is that blacks were not allowed pride and dignity. This is true enough, even though maybe the white man thought there was more dignity for blacks as slaves within white civilization than as free savages in the ‘jungle’.

At any rate, the civilizational process for all peoples around the world had little to do with pride and dignity, qualities that were simply denied to them who had no choice but to live in bondage, servitude, or subjugation. They were serfs, slaves, or tenant-farmers beholden to their masters or lords. The rule of Leviathan was that Social Order could only be realized by a strong hand and an overbearing system that kept people in place. This meant little in the way of freedom, dignity, or pride for most people, but then, it was from the stability of Social Order that other good things could eventually arise. Stability, order, and discipline before idealism, reform, and progress.

So, even though it would be immoral to say American Slavery was a good thing, it had some positive effect on blacks who were instilled with work ethic, discipline, organization, regularity, and morals.
Tragically, in rebellion against white racial injustice(and it was unjust) and 'Uncle Tom'ism', blacks threw out the baby along with the bathwater.

Consider the Japanese and Nordics. Both people are known for hard work, discipline, organization, and manners. How were such virtues formed within their communities?
By every individual being imbued with pride and dignity all through their history? Not so.
For most of their history, most people lived under iron rule and discipline under their masters and lords. By our standards, the social order for most of history for all of mankind was cruel and unjust. But under such strict management and supervision, Japanese and Nordics developed work ethic, discipline, restraint, cooperation, and respect. They lived in an unfair system, but the system did nevertheless have a taming and sobering effect on them.
For the Vikings to become civilized, they had to undergo an ‘enslavement’ process that left them no choice but to develop new attitudes and norms of proto-civility acceptable to the social order.
There was also the impact of ‘unrulicide’ whereupon the most unruly, troublesome, and uncooperative members of society were exiled or executed. Thus, over time, people with more cooperative genes had children, and society became kinder as a whole.

Would it be wise for Japanese and Nordics to reject and spit on all of their social norms and values because so much of their virtues had developed under bondage, serfdom, and even slavery? Unfortunately, that is exactly what blacks did in America. If, prior to the 60s, blacks felt they'd been historically wronged but still gained something valuable from the American Experience, the new attitude was to spit on everything associated with the white man.

So, even though American Slavery can’t be morally defended, it would have produced better blacks had it lasted a thousand years or more. Then, unrulicide would have weeded out the most troublesome blacks, and many generations of blacks would have been instilled with the virtues of hard work and discipline. The resulting population would have been milder and more cooperative. So, paradoxically, the reason why American blacks are so troublesome is not because slavery lasted too long but not long enough.
Most civilized peoples underwent the process of 'enslavement' and 'unrulicide' for thousands of years. They had to be ground down before they could be molded up.

This goes for school too. School is like an educational prison. It is mandatory and doesn't allow freedom for children to opt out. Children must go to school and must do the work. And students who accept this form of 'imprisonment' do better and gain genuine skills. They accept their bondage but eventually graduate to a higher freedom. Their pride of immaturity is put in the back-burner.
In contrast, many black children demand 'pride' and 'dignity' from a young age and cannot stand being told what to do. They wanna be like rappers with attitude. They holler at teachers. They beat up teachers. Their primacy of gangsta pride means they will do as they please. But such crude animal 'dignity' and 'pride' lead to breakdown of social order and discipline. Such blacks remained mired in the freedom of thugs and animals, not of civilized people.

Is it any wonder that the institution in which blacks have done best is in the military? Why? Because of its culture of discipline and restricted choice.

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