Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alt Right must focus on telling the truth than seeking political power.

Alt Right doesn't have the money, organization, and connections to gain political power. Not yet. So, it shouldn't even try. Instead, it should devote itself to becoming the most honest, potent, principled, and fearless critic of power. In our age of PC, Alt Right has a golden opportunity to take on this role.

Alt Right should also criticize the so-called 'powerless', e.g. blacks burning down cities and 'white trash' ruining their lives with meth. While the powerful hold great sway over the world, the 'powerless' in great numbers constitute a great power that can even bring down civilizations. Look at Detroit that was destroyed by all those 'powerless' blacks.

Speaking truth to power constitutes a kind of power, perhaps the most important kind of power. By exposing and de-legitimizing the corrupt globalist powers-that-be, Alt Right can prove its worth even to its enemies who, under PC medication, lacks the agency and courage to call it like it is.

Honesty and truth are power for those below. Alt Right has no money but has something that is priceless: the honest truth.

Alt Right must be the Woodward and Bernstein of the 21st century. Truth brought down Nixon, the 'most powerful man in the world'.

Alt Right is the only voice willing to play the role of the boy who dared to say the obvious: 'Emperor has no clothes'.

Cuckservatives of the GOP seemed impregnable as 'custodians of the right', but their empty rhetoric, however lavishly funded, couldn't save them from the barrage of the Alt Right that had truth on its side.
Conservatism Inc. collapsed as dramatically as the Soviet Union.

Likewise, as rich and powerful as the Jewish Globalists and the PC 'progressivism' may be, they too are empires built on sand. A few well-placed truths could do to them what a few well-placed explosives do to a bridge.

The globalists are so vulnerable because they only have lies to tell. Sure, they are expensive lies that, for the time being, have a lot of people fooled. But lies cannot withstand the power of simple truth forever. A time will come when their power will collapse most unexpectedly.

The media will have to own Hillary since they protected and promoted her. Their ties to her, like their ties to Obama, have made them less reliable and trustworthy. They've chosen to rot with Hillary.

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