Sunday, August 28, 2016

Diversity vs Blacks. The Globalist Democratic Elite Strategy

Look at California. Do blacks have much power there?

That is the direction that the Democratic Party wants to go.

Yes, Democrats rely on black votes. But Democrats are also sick of black crime and stupidity. Notice urban Democratic white/Jews/homos want to relocate blacks out of cities via gentrification and Section 8 vouchers(that has the blessing of Libertarians).

Ultimately, the future that the Jewish/homo/white-Liberal Democrats is something like California. They want blacks to be replaced by Asians and Hispanics who are more docile. True, Hispanics take too much from the dole. True, Asians take 'too many' college slots. But both are reasonably docile and harder-working. In contrast, blacks commit too much crime and are too destructive.

So, all this immigration/diversity-pushing by Democrats is actually to reduce black power as well as white gentile conservative power. Killing two birds with one stone. Democrats want more Diversity to destroy the GOP, but it is also to eclipse black power within the Democrats by having browns and yellows provide the bulk of the votes in the future.

Notice that blacks in GOP-controlled Deep South have more power than blacks in California that is Democratic but dominated by Jews, white Progs, browns, and yellows. Blacks are losing out in Ca except in rap industry and sports teams.

That is what Trump is playing on. He signals, as Coulter did, that the Immigration Law of 65 pretty undid the Civil Rights Law of 64.
Blacks got equality but then diversity exposed blacks to massive competition from immigrants from Latin America and Asia.

Democratic narrative would have us believe that this coalition of colored folks are rising against ‘white racists’, but the fact is blacks have been out-competed by browns and yellows for jobs.

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