Sunday, August 28, 2016

Globalism leads to Diversity ruled by Fixed Number of Ethno-Supremacist Groups

The promise of Globalism and Diversity is that everyone around the world will equally share in the fruits of human achievement and excellence.
The Cult of PC, as promoted and enforced(wherever possible) by globalism, posits that 'race is just a social construct' and that open borders will lead to all peoples being accorded and afforded the same freedoms, opportunities, victories, and happiness.

But taking a hard look at globalism and diversity, we can't help but notice that these promises are false. They are Weasel Words meant to hoodwink the world into surrendering sovereignty and independence to toil under the supremacist domination of a handful of nations, peoples, and groups.

First of all, it is rather odd that the US, the main purveyor of globalism, arrogantly pontificates about how it is the 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation. On the one hand, US pushes globalism in the name of equality, but on the other, it huffs & puffs like the Big Bad Wolf as the 'greatest' nation that is immune to international laws and norms on the assumption that it always knows best.
So much for equality among nations. Even more is amusing is that 'progressives', who claim to abhor hierarchy and inequality, love this kind of talk from the mouths of Hillary Clinton, Neo-Wilsonians, Neocon Zionists, and the Military-Industrial Complex.
It is rather similar to Jews posturing as 'progressive' champions of equality while commandeering all gentiles to serve Israel and Jewish interests as sacrosanct.

There is no equality among nations in globalism. Globalism means the US gets to dictate policy to all other nations. Globalism has made the EU and client states of Latin America & East Asia even more beholden to the US. Is there anyone in Europe with the stature of Charles DeGaulle or even Helmut Kohl anymore?
Globalism is not about all nations equally putting sovereignty aside in the name of mutual harmony and cooperation. It is about all nations coming under the the ever-expanding influence of the US.
Worse, this Power isn't even invested with or reflective of most people of America(who also lose out under globalism). Rather, American globalist power is all about concentration of wealth and privilege in the 'cosmopolitan' elites in NY and DC.
Most Americans get nothing from this supposed glory of American predominance. If anything, the globalist elites in the US despise most of their own native population and are hellbent on reducing them to a minority via massive Third World immigration. Of course, the immigrants win out because conditions are better in the US than back home. But as their own nations experience brain drain and loss of political agency(and come under migratory strains from other nations), they face long-term decline under globalism as well. When so much energy is invested in moving to the West than reforming and building their own nations, the world will get worse, not better. Globalism offers an easy way out for many Third Worlders who would rather feed on the accumulated wealth of the West than make their own nations better.

Despite the implied idealism, the notion of an 'American' is a myth inasmuch 'Americans' are not equal. Anyone who thinks Jewish-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Polish-Americans, Arab-Americans, Asian-Americans, Scotch-Irish Americans, and etc. are equal in the US is blind or crazy. Theoretically yes, but money buys power in the US, and Jewish-Americans can afford an organization like AIPAC. What do Palestinian-Americans have? Do American politicians follow idealism and treat both Jewish-Americans and Palestinian-Americans with an equal sense of justice, or do they suck up to whomever has more to offer or more firepower to destroy their enemies?
Under globalism, Jews who rule America rule the world. So, if Jews want a certain nation hit with sanctions or bombs, it will happen even if the reasons given are bogus. But whatever Israel does, the US keeps singing praise and offer billions in aid.
That is globalism.

Also, despite the PC contention that all races are equal in intelligence and ability, the effects of globalism show this not to be true. If all peoples were alike, they would be equally successful in all endeavors. In truth, because of higher IQ among Ashkenazi Jews, globalism means the entire world coming under the influence of Jewish finance, media, academia, entertainment, and agenda. Why are there so many people like George Soros in the upper echelons of power?
Globalism is like a pool hustler duping you into thinking you're winning, only to find out you've been taken for a ride and robbed of everything, even the shirt on your back. Ask the Russians what globalism did to them in the 90s.

And look at Popular Culture. Globalism hasn't led to worldwide sharing and appreciation of all cultures. It had led to the dumbed-down and vulgarized masses all over the world hooked to the same junk music(mostly rap, hip hop, or pop idol music), same movies(more Hollywood blockbusters), and same fashions(ugly tattoos, piercings, and cult of narcissism). Globalism has McStandarized culture all over the globe.

Only four peoples are gaining under globalism.

At the top, there are the Jews who control finance, media, law, academia, and Western governments. Globalism means Jewish tentacles reaching into every corner of the globe. The worldwide Jewish networks seek domination everywhere and ruthlessly seek to undermine or destroy any resistance to that power, be it Iran, Syria, Russia, or China.

There are the homos who have been favored as the proxy-allies of the Jews. With their preening vanity, narcissism, and bitchiness, homos are more than happy to play the role of auxiliaries to Jews in the game of global domination.

There are the Negroes who, though backward in economics and academics, are the toughest, fastest, and loudest people in the world. So, globalism had led to worldwide worship of the Black. Even yellow boys in China worship Negroes in the NBA as demigods. And the cult of 'mandingo' means that there is demand for the Negro stud all over the world. This will lead to the blackening of the world, especially since so many young people all over are enthralled with American black-dominated sports and black music like rap.
Every new Olympics features ever increasing number of blacks not only from African nations and the US(that imported black slaves) but from European nations. Even Eastern European nation like Ukraine and Central Asian nation like Azerbaijan featured black athletes. Japan fielded three black athletes, the product of Japanese women having kids with black men. Theoretically, globalism says all races are equal, but in practice, all nations take notice of the fact that blacks win in sports. So, globalist trend in sports is for all nations(even non-black ones) to recruit, favor, and revere black athletes. Once blacks come to be revered in such manner, every people will feel it's their imperative to have blacks in order for their nation to be 'cool'. Especially because American Culture dominates the world, the sacrosanct image of the Negro as both ultra-spiritual and ultra-'badass' has penetrated into every nation. It is the universalization of 'white guilt' and white-created 'jungle fever'. As such, blacks are seen as the nobler and cooler race, one that a nation must have in order to be 'vibrant'. So, globalism is not about equal sharing of glory by all races. It means all races worshiping Negro muscle as superior.

Then, there is the Asian-Indian. Even though sectors of India are much like the rich West and developed East Asia, it is different in one important regard. Whereas White Europeans and Yellow East Asians have stopped having babies and face steep demographic decline, Asian-Indians are still multiplying like rabbits. While Asian-Indians are nothing special when it comes to brains(at least vis-a-vis Jews, whites, and East Asians) and muscle(especially in relation to blacks), the sheer combination of exploding demographics and sufficient ability is making Indian a winner of globalism. India not only has a growing economy but its growing population will colonize the world, not only America but Europe and East Asia(that is looking to other nations for cheaper supply of labor). It's no wonder that Fareed Zakaria is such an avid fan of globalism. He talks of Diversity, but he sees it as pathway to rise of Indian power around the world.

But who else wins under globalism? Sure, there will be many people who do well enough... but for how long? With all those black Africans pouring into Europe, how long will white Europeans cope? With all those black males taking over sports and sex culture in the West, what is there for the white man but to see increasing numbers of white women using their wombs to produce mulattoes while he himself is reduced to a cuck-dork-loser?

And what will happen to East Asia when it also embraces enrichment by Diversity, not least due to pressures of the US and American-educated Asians who spread PC back in their homelands? As for the masses of Mexicans, they will amount to little more than dish-washers and lettuce pickers in the globalist order. As long as Mexican elites an dump their problems on the US, Mexicans will never be incentivized to take hard but necessary measures to make Mexico into a better nation.

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