Saturday, August 27, 2016

With the Alt Right, the Gun-Laying against the Main Enemy is clicking ever closer into gear.

Artillery wins or loses in battle according to Gun Laying skills. Gun Laying is defined by Wikipedia as: "the process of aiming an artillery piece, such as a gun, howitzer or mortar on land, or at sea, against surface or air targets."
If you don't lay the gun properly, you will never hit the target, and all the barrage will have been for naught. You can shoot off a thousand rounds and hit nothing if you can't identify the target. But just one volley with proper gun-laying can decimate the key enemy position. A marksman with one bullet is more lethally effective than a drunken blind-man with a machine gun with 1000 rounds.

With each passing year, it is becoming ever more sobering and evident to White People in Europe and America that those who are most invested in the destruction of the West are the Jews. Jews are the main enemy. They control Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Ivy Leagues, State Department, Intelligence Services, top Law Firms, and Big Media. They've even taken over Christian Churches with their homomaniacal infiltrators and subversives.

Because of the Cult of Holocaustianity, generations of white people since the end of WWII have been raised to sympathize with Jews as a wise and tragic people. But it is becoming ever more apparent, year by year, month by month, and day by day that Jews have become the most arrogant, devious, parasitic, murderous, ruthless, and hypocritical power in the world. Whether it's Neocons inventing lies to destroy Iraq, Jewish Supremacists crushing Palestinians who still live under Occupation, Shills of Zion(like George W. Bush, Obama, and Hillary) utterly wrecking Libya & Syria, Robber-barons of Wall Street exploiting dubious financial schemes to fleece the world(and then gorging on 'bailouts' to get even richer on top of their ill-gotten plunder), and Jewish globalists pushing open borders & mass migration to reduce white populations into minorities in their own homelands, it is becoming ever clearer that the main enemy of white people are the Jews.
As for non-whites, they side with Jews who've kicked open the Western gates for the entire world to barge across for better material life. 'Gold Star Family' Khan didn't mind that his Muslim son was used by Zio-Globalists to kill other Muslims(and be killed by them) in the Middle East because he made his fortune in the US.
But one only needs to look at Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria to realize that the Jewish design for the non-West is just as sinister and destructive as it is for the West. Invade/Invite Strategy is double-edged sword that destroys both the Third World and the West while Jewish Globalists gain advantages from both. Jews hold the hilt, so they don't get cut. Others do the bleeding while Jews suck on the blood. One look at George Soros, and you know he is an insatiable bloodsucker. But the likes of him bankroll and control what goes by the name of 'progressivism'. It ought to be called Sorosism.

White people have been aiming their artillery in the wrong direction at the wrong targets for so many years. The idea of Sharia Law taking over America? Come on! Western Artillery needs to readjust its gun-laying toward Jewria that is the REAL power of the West.

Shooting is not enough. You have to learn how to aim.

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