Sunday, August 28, 2016

Illiberals and Unconservatives. Identity is the last man standing.

We now have a contest between Illiberals(as 'liberals' are not liberal) and Unconservatives(as 'conservatives' are not conservative). Illiberals follow PC, and Unconservatives also follow Jewish/Homo-controlled PC, only one step behind.

If there's a process by which the Democrats and Republicans grow closer, it is by betraying their core principles and core base. Democrats dump the People by favoring vain homos and immigrant scab-labor who serve the interests of the globalist elite minority, esp the Jews. And Republicans dump true values and tradition to win favor with globalist elite neocons. Thus, both sides prioritize serving the political and economic interests of the globalist Jewish elite minority. It’s no wonder that there is greatest amity between both parties at AIPAC orgies where Hillary and Trump might as well '69' each other.

Why are things the way they are? It’s because politics in the US is essentially ethno-dominant.

When Wasps ruled America, politics followed Wasp interests.

Now that Jews rule America, both ideologies of right and left reflect Jewish interests.
Jews are more dangerous because, unlike Wasps, they don’t admit to their power and privilege. They keep hyping ‘white privilege’ to hide their own.

We need to clear away the smoke-and-mirrors and de-abstract the the true character of the political struggles in our time.

It’s not about left vs right or liberal or conservative.

It is mainly about Jews vs whites vs blacks vs browns vs yellows, and etc.

‘Diversity’ is smoke-and-mirrors that obfuscates the issues. Blacks have been fooled into thinking ‘diversity’ is good for them since it will ensure Democratic victory over the Republican. But look at California. Diversity via more immigration has led to Hispanic/Asian eclipsing of black power. Indeed, blacks have more clout in the Republican Deep South where the mix is mostly white and black. If Democrats win by more diversity, it mean the rise of Jewish-white-illiberal-Asian-Hispanic power at the expense of black power.

Whites aimed for colorblind society but the rise of multi-culturalism and anti-white diversity-mongering destroyed that, and there is no going back.

It is now all about Identity. So, white people need to ask “Is it good for whites?” before “Is it liberal?” or “Is it conservative?” When both ‘liberalism’ and ‘conservatism’ are so cucked out, whites need to put whiteness first and foremost.

Identitarianism is the only option.

That is the only way, the only thing that matters now.

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