Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Masses Think Like the Elites. Material Advantage Trumps All.

We blame the elites for globalism and lack of patriotism. But we must blame the masses too.

After all, so many ordinary people in the Third World want to abandon their homelands, identities, cultures, and values to come to the First World because they want a better material life. They don't care if their children don't know their own history and don't preserve their identity & culture. They don't care if their kids just become generic 'Americans' and indulge in little more than American hedonism and Pop Culture. In so many immigrant communities in the US, and the young ones imitate MTV and Hollywood. The girls dress like whores, and the boys emulate rappers. This is true of Mexicans, Filipinos, Turks, Koreans, Russians, Cubans, Pakistanis, etc.

And they want to race-mix like crazy and lose their own identity. So many Hispanic and Asian women prefer to mix with white men and produce mixed-race kids for white fathers.

So, it's not just the elites. Even the masses are willing to surrender their identities, cultures, and territories in exchange for material advantage and more fun. The great majority of Japanese say they want to emigrate. So, they don't mind going some place else, race-mixing, and abandoning their own identity and culture. These self-centered masses of Japanese don't care if Japan will be taken over by other peoples.

Even immigrant parents who work hard care only about their kids becoming rich and successful, not about their kids preserving and passing down identity and culture(or caring about the homeland whence they came.)

Why do so many non-white immigrant groups oppose Trump when he opposes globalism that is spreading American neo-imperialist supremacism all over the world? Doesn't globalism undermine the sovereignty of their homelands? No matter. All that the non-white masses care about is having the chance to come to the West and living in a McMansion. For that, they are willing to leave behind their homelands and sell their culture/identities down the river.

Think of Khan or Kinkylick. He came to the US, and his Muslim son joined the US military and was ordered to kill other Muslims in the Middle East. He became a stooge of Globo-Zionism and was more than willing to drop bombs on others of his faith. So, why are his parents for globalism and for Hillary? Better material life in the West.

It's the sad way of the world.

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