Friday, August 26, 2016

Alt Right must be an Identitarian AND Identification Movement.

Alt Right must be both an IDENTITARIAN and IDENTIFICATION movement.

Alt Right identifies itself as white, European, and Occidental.
But identifying oneself isn't enough in any grand struggle.

One must also identify the enemy. Who is he and what does he want?

This is where the Right has failed over and over.

In contrast, Jews have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams because they identify themselves as Jewish and identify the enemy as 'white gentile'(in the West) and Arab/Muslim(in the Middle East and North Africa). Jews see themselves in the mirror and see the enemy through the rifle scope.

Jews have successfully identified themselves as proud Jews reverent of their own identity, history, and heritage. And they have effectively identified their main rival/enemy as the white gentiles of West(and Russia) and Muslims of the Near East.

Why did the Western Right fail? It refused to identify as white and western. If anything, it identified as 'mini-me servant of the Zionists'.
And it failed to identify the main enemy as the Jews who are hellbent on reducing the white race into a bunch of deracinated serfs whose men are castrated cucks and whose women offer their wombs to blacks to produce mulatto enemies.

Know yourself and know your enemy.

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