Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nazi Memes Were Sensationalized by Neocons and Progs before Alt Right Toyed with Them.

Neocons accuse Alt Right of using Nazi memes, but NO ONE has abused Nazi memes more than Neocons and Progs do.

Neocons call any leader they don't like 'the new hitler' and call for 'regime change'. Neocons call for more wars, even a 'new cold war' with Russia. Neocons invoke Holocaust to beat the war drums with no end in sight. Apparently, there are Hitlers in 'rogue nations' that must be toppled all around the world.

Progs have been calling everything and everyone they don't like a 'Nazi' and 'fascist'.
They've been doing this forever.

Nazi as bogeyman has been a favorite meme of Progs in academia and Hollywood.

Progs even see KKK at Oberlin College. They see 'Aryan' fraternity rapes at UVA. Anyone captured Haven Monahan yet?

If some on the Alt Right have fun with Nazi memes, it is because the Progs have called EVERYTHING 'nazi' and 'fascist'. Progs and Neocons turned the 'nazi' meme into political cartoon, so why shouldn't Alt Right have fun with it?

When Progs screamed 'nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi' forever, it would bound to become a meme, ironic or not. And memes take on a life of their own.

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