Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alt Right Is the Only Un-PC Zone in American Politics

Alt Right is the ONLY anti-PC zone.

Conservatism Inc or Cuckservatism will not touch on issues pertaining to race and Jewish power because they serve the donor class and want approval from the cocktail party crowd.

Liberalism Inc or Globalism is now the Ruling Elite, and it cares most about holding power. It fears any truth that undermines their Narrative. It is totally Jewish-dominated and promotes MLK cult and Homomania as quasi-religions.

The Left is ideologically dead. At one time, the radical left did play an provocative and effective role of challenging the status quo and critiquing power.
But, PC came from the Left, and it stifles debate, controversy, and free exchange of ideas. Because the Left is so hampered by PC, it has muffled itself. And since the Left is funded by the likes of George Soros, it has essentially become Left Inc.

So, there is only the Alt Right that is bold and brazen enough to say it like it is.

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